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IAEA Technical Documents (IAEA-TecDocs) summarize the results of Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs) and Technical Cooperation (TC) projects involving the use of isotope techniques in hydrology from 1970 until today. The IAEA uses CRPs and TC projects as a mechanism to work with scientists and water professionals in developing countries; the results of these projects are primarily supplied by the IAEA in the form of TecDocs. These cover a wide spectrum of isotope hydrology applications in, for example, surface and ground water, the atmosphere, unsaturated zones, water pollution.etc.

Publications 40–36 out of 40.
Book Title
40 1723Using Isotopes for Design and Monitoring of Artificial Recharge Systems,
IAEA-Tecdoc-1723, Vienna, 2013 Full Text
39 1723Application of Isotope Techniques for Assessing Nutrient Dynamics in River Basins,
IAEA-Tecdoc-1695, Vienna, 2013 Full Text
38 1673Monitoring Isotopes in Rivers: Creation of the Global Network of Isotopes in Rivers (GNIR),
IAEA-Tecdoc-1673, Vienna, 2012 Full Text
37 1618Application of Isotopes to the Assessment of Pollutant Behaviour in the Unsaturated Zone for Groundwater Protection,
IAEA-Tecdoc-1618, Vienna, 2009 Full Text
36 1595Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques for the Characterization of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Coastal Zones,
IAEA-Tecdoc-1595, Vienna, 2008 Full Text
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