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" Nucleonics magazine, Mc-Graw-Hill publication devoted to nuclear energy, critizes the Geneva conference in its current issue for taking too many scientists away from vital projects for too long a time. Dr. Weinberg asked for a comment on this, said that he can not agree. ' I'd rather see the countries of the world work off their energies at scientific shows such as this than by tossing hydrogen bombs at each other.' he remarked. "

From The Oak Ridger's article 'Just returned ORNL Directors evaluate Geneva conference' - Dr. Weinberg's comments on the Nucleonics article 'Geneva disappoints many attendees'. You will find the article in Press Reviews.


Newspaper Cuttings

Newspaper cuttings from 1955 to 1958 can be found on this page. To mention a few, the range of content involves Geneva preparations, scientists departing to Geneva and coming back home, rumors in the classified years before the Conference, judgements on the research done by the 'other side' of the east-west curtain, the atmosphere of discussion, the exhibition status, and much more...


Content Description

'Scientific or Humor Exchange' (Picture), 'Fusion Show Plan',
'Local Papers Tell of ORNL DCX'

The Oak Ridger
Picture of the US Show Room, article deals with papers from Oak Ridg reporting on the DCX machine.
'As Geneva Plane Came Home' (includes pictures)
The Oak Ridger
About family reunions - scientists coming home from Geneva.
'Tube H-Fusion Claimed by Reds'
News Sentinal
A report about a Radio Moscow transmission dealing with a major Russian breakthrough in CNF.
' "Beehive of Activity" is Geneva Report'
Article tells about the extensive preparations in Geneva and the group activities.
'Soviet Announces New Atom Method'
New York Times
Very interesting article about a radio dispatch received from Radio Peiping China. It draws a lively picture of the pre-classified era.
'Scientists Freest Man In Russia Ridger Says'
The Oak Ridger
Article expresses R.A.Charpie's impressions from Geneva.
'Show Ridge Fusion, HRE, Fuel Cycle Work at Geneva' ,
'Charter Plane Left Idlewild at 3:14'
The Oak Ridger
Article reports on the summer preparations of the ORNL group for Geneva. It also reports on the DCX machine.
'Ridge DCX May Tame H-Bomb for Power - Scientist Predicts Development in About 2 Years'
The Knoxville Journal
Dr Bell's famous remarks on the DCX machine.
'Just Returned ORNL Directors Evaluate Geneva Conference'
The Oak Ridger
Article with sometimes amusing observations about Geneva and the Exhibition Show.
'Geneva Reaction - Brucer and Hollaender Comment'
The Oak Ridger
An article about genetic research at Geneva, but gives a good picture about possible barriers and 'knowing the other side'.
'75 ORNL Men, Wives Leave Tuesday for Geneva Meet'
The Oak Ridger
About one of the 75 airlifts of ORNL scientists to Geneva.
'Geneva Plane Returns Weds at 4:55 p.m.'
The Oak Ridger
Article tells the story of the anticipation for and the reunion with abroad Conference scientists.
'Here Are Six Y-12ers Who Left Last Week' (Picture Caption)
A picture of six researchers about to depart to Geneva.
Missing Title
The Oak Ridger
An article with missing title about a scientist's wife's impressions from Geneva
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