' He also showed us a very tantalising photograph at the end, of an apparatus looking very much like ZETA, perhaps a little bigger, but he didn't tell us how well it was performing -- perhaps you can ask him that question...'

" Laughter in the Conference room. An amiable reflection of the cooperative spirit of this great Conference . "

"This week at the United Nations" - A Report from the International Staff of United Nations Radio. The radio commentator describes the reaction to Sir John Cockcroft's amiably meant comments on Professor Emelyanov's Report from Russia.


Cutaway of the Toroidal Chamber in Artsimovitch's Paper Research on Controlled Nuclear Fusion in the USSR



Here you can find significant reports given as overview papers during the conference in the context of "Possibility of Controlled Fusion" (Session S-4). These papers are also included in the Proceedings Vol. 31, but because of their significance and their overview character, they will be emphasized individually.

Apart from the important overview reports; general reports on the country's state of research including Nuclear Fusion are included. You will find reports by Prof. W. Strath (United States), Prof. V.S. Emelyanov (Soviet Union) and Sir John Cockcroft (United Kingdom).







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