"Recent Work on Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion in German FR" - Ludwig Biermann



Ludwig Biermann

Ludiwg Biermann was during the time of the Conference part of the German delegation. He was working in the fields of astrophysics and plasma physics. At the time of the conference he was founding director of the astrophysics section of the Max Planck Institute Goettingen (during 1958 the institute was transferred to Munich). His contribution the "Recent Work on Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion in German (Federal Republic)" was giving a general insight into the fresh endeavors made in the German programme, mainly in Aachen and Goettingen. The programme had started, shortly one year after the first Geneva conference in 1956.

  This photograph shows Prof. L. Biermann listening to the questions he is asked by journalists at the scientific press conference in Geneva.


" [...] That concludes my very incomplete and brief survey of the work that has been done, mainly in the last two years, in the Federal Republic of Germany. You will have noticed that hitherto there has been very much duplication of effort, but I should like to say that I share very much the satisfaction that has been expressed by earlier speakers that now the period of duplication and non-communication has apparently come to an end and that international cooperation gives better promise for the future of physics. "

View his paper: "Recent Work on Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion
in German (Federal Republic)"


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