More General Surveys and Reports


" We come now to one of the sessions which is going to raise the greatest interest. As all of you who were at the 1955 Geneva Conference will recall, there was no mention of fusion in that Conference except for a very passing and brief remark which I made in my presidential address [...] "

Chairman H. Bhabha, president of the conference in 1955, with some introducing remarks during the discussion of Session 4 "Possibility of Controlled Fusion".



This photograph shows the top officials of the Conference. From left to right are: Sir John Cockcroft (UK), Dr. Homi Bhabha (India), Dr. V.S. Emelyanov (USSR) - three of the 6 Vice-Presidents of the Conference; Professor S. Eklund (Sweden), Secretary-General of the Conference (standing); Professor F. Perrin (France); President of the Conference; Dr. Homi M. Sethma (India), Deputy Conference Secretary-General (standing); Contreadmiral Otacilio Cunha (Brazil), Dr. W.B. Lewis (Canada) and Dr. I.I. Rabi (USA) - the other 3 Vice-Presidents of the Conference.


More General Surveys and Reports

The general surveys by Lyman Spitzer and James Tuck can be found in the Vol. 32 of the proceedings, but shall be highlighted in this part of the CD.

General programme overviews of nuclear research by the UK (Strath) and USSR (Emelyanov), include some intresting remarks on the status of the programmes.

Also included, the discussion session of papers by L.A. Artsimovich and E. Teller and a summary of the conference, with remarks on Nuclear Fusion: 'Summary of the Conference' by Sir John Cockcroft.

An interesting brainteaser might be the handwritten notes of an unknown participant to the conference in 1958. He summarized the talks by Thonemann (UK), Artsimovich (USSR), Teller (US) and Bhabha (Chairman - India) on the back of a printed report, as found by chance in the archives. You might be able to read first hand notes such as "No economic use possible this century." from Edward Teller's report. Try and see for yourself:


More Historic Material
Discussion S4
Discussion of Papers in Session 4 'Possibility of Controlled Fusion'
Handwritten Notes
An Unknown Participants Handwritten Notes Found in Archives, Summarizing Reports from Thonemann, Artsimovich, Teller and Bhabha.
L. Spitzer
The Stellarator Concept
J.L. Tuck
Review of Controlled Thermonuclear Research at
Los Alamos for Mid 1958
General Surveys of Atomic Energy with Remarks to Prospects of Nuclear Fusion
V.S. Emelyanov
The Future of Atomic Energetics in the USSR
J. Cockcroft
Summary of the Conference (Evening Lecture)
W. Strath
The U.K. Programme for the Development of Nuclear Power
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