UN Press Releases


" [...] locking the door, only to find out that the plasma is going out of the window. "

Nobel prize winner H. Alfvén's comments as chairman of the session on "Diffusion of Plasma".

This photograph shows L. Spitzer Jr. giving explanations with the aid of a film. He describes details of his paper on the Stellarator programme during a session of the Conference.

UN Press Releases

You will find many UN press releases published in 1958, dealing with the Conference and in some cases with Nuclear Fusion.

A table shows the UN Press Releases of interest - together with a description of the content and the parargaphs of interest inside each document .


Press Release Title
Paragraph Title of Interest
Content Description
5000 Delegates and Observers Expected in Geneva
General Conference Statistics
UN Secretary-General to Open Second Exhibtion of Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy
Exhibtion Status
Five Countries Describe Controlled Fusion Programme
Fusion Session 4, "Possibilities of Controlled Nuclear Fusion" (Chairman H. Bhabha)
Nuclear Energy for Uses other than Generating Electricity Discussed
Second Plasma Physics Session Considers Experimental Results to Date
Fusion Session A-6, "Experimental Aspects of Plasma Physics" (Chairman H.D. Smyth)
Experience in Health and Safety, and Progress in Use of Isotopes Reported to 5th General Session of Atomic Conference
Discussions of Thermonuclear Theory Show Worldwide Similiarity of Work
Fusion Session A-5, "Theoretical Aspects of Plasma Physics" (Chairman I.E. Tamm)
Plans for Construction of New Nuclear Power Plants in Seven Countries Described at UN Atom Conference
Scientists Discuss Thermonuclear Machine Exhibited at Conference
Fusion Session A-7, "Controlled Fusion Devices Pt1" (Chairman Sir G.P. Thomson)
Chemistry Session Learns Weighable Amounts of Heavy Elements Have Been Produced
Final Fusion Session Includes Papers on Diffusion
Final Fusion Session A-10, "Special Topics and Instrumentation in Fusion " (Chairman H. Alfvén)
Nuclear Power Plants Planned for Belgium, France, Switzerland, USSR, UK, USA at UN Atom Conference
Descriptions of Controlled Fusion Devices and Experiments Continue
Fusion Session A-8, "Controlled Fusion Devices Pt2" (Chairman L. Biermann)
UN Scientific Exhibit on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy Reports Heavy Attendance
Geneva Exhibtion Statistics

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