(OV/4-3) Overview of T-10 Results

D.A. Kislov1), T-10 Team
1) NFI RRC ``Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract.  Essential progress has been made in understanding the links between energy and particle transport in T-10 plasma with electron cyclotron heating (ECH) and turbulence behavior. Interplay between modification of energy and particle confinement with plasma density increase and turbulence properties related to ion temperature gradient and trapped electron modes has been studied. Degradation of the energy confinement with an increase of ECH power coincides with the growth of the turbulence level in the low magnetic field side, while it has been found to be almost unchanged in the high magnetic field side. Operating mode with improved confinement has been obtained by repetitive deuterium pellet injection. Fast transport and MHD events triggered by pellet injection have been observed. Formation of electron internal transport during the current ramp-up phase with ECH is under investigation. Electron cyclotron current drive localized near q=1 has been found to be effective for sawtooth control and optimization of the profile of the driven current has been made.

Full paper and slides available (PDF)