Session P2 - Poster Session Transport Theory, SE, ITER

TH/P2-1 Chen, L.Nonlinear equilibria, stability and generation of zonal structures in toroidal plasmas
TH/P2-2 Connor, J.Turbulent Transport in Spherical Tokamaks with Transport Barriers
TH/P2-3 Dimits, A.M.Gyrokinetic Simulations of ETG and ITG Turbulence
TH/P2-4 Eriksson, A.Particle pinches in fluid and kinetic descriptions
TH/P2-5 Gao, ZheEigenmode Analysis of Geodesic Acoustic Mode and Zonal Flow
TH/P2-6 Hallatschek, K.News from the Geodesic Acoustic Mode: Magnetic Shear-, q-, and Geometry Effect
TH/P2-7 Joiner, N.J.Transport enhancing features of electron temperature gradient driven turbulence
TH/P2-8 Lin, Z.Electron Transport Driven by Short Wavelength Trapped Electron Mode Turbulence
TH/P2-9 Matsumoto, T.Statistical characteristics of turbulent transport dominated by zonal flow dynamics
TH/P2-10 Mikhailenko, V.S.Evolution of Anomalous Transport in Shear Flow of Toroidal Devices
TH/P2-11 Miyato, N.Interplay between zonal flows/GAMs and ITG turbulence in tokamak plasmas
TH/P2-12 Nakajima, N.Thermal Diffusion by Stochastic Electromagnetic Fluctuations
TH/P2-13 Ogando, F.Gyrokinetic full f modelling of plasma turbulence in tokamaks
TH/P2-14 Qiu, X.M.Simultaneous Enhancement of Core Electron Density and Temperature by Synergistic Effect of Molecular Beam Injection and Shock due to Toroidal Flow
TH/P2-15 Satake, S.Global simulation of the GAM oscillation and damping in a drift kinetic model
TH/P2-16 Terry, P.W.Nonlinear Inward Particle Flux in Trapped Electron Mode Turbulence
TH/P2-17 van Milligen, B.Ph.Pulse Propagation in a Simple Probabilistic Transport Model
TH/P2-18 Vlad, M.O.Test Particle Statistics and Turbulence in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
TH/P2-19 Coppi, B.Interaction of Drift-Tearing (Mesoscopic) Modes with Coherent and Turbulent Microscopic Structures
TH/P2-20 Shaing, K.C.Effects of Magnetic Island Induced Symmetry Breaking on Plasma Confinement and Island Evolution in Tokamaks
TH/P2-21 Ishizawa, A.Multi-Scale-Nonlinear Interactions among Micro-Turbulence, Magnetic Islands, and Zonal Flows
TH/P2-22 Becoulet, A.J.Integrated Tokamak Modelling: the way towards Fusion SimuIators
TH/P2-23 Bourdelle, C.From extensive micro-stability analysis of experiments to integrated modelling
TH/P2-24 Fülöp, T.M.Impurity Transport in ITER-like Plasmas
SE/P2-1 Goldston, R.J.Is Fusion Research Worth It?
SE/P2-2 Salomaa, R.Safety and Economical Requirements of Conceptual Fusion Power Reactors in Co-existing Advanced Fission Plants
SE/P2-3 Khripunov, V.I.C-14 Production in CTR Materials and Blankets
IT/P2-1 Boccaccini, L.V.System Engineering and ITER Integration of the EU HCPB Test Blanket Module System
IT/P2-2 Zhang, FuITER Shield Blanket Design Activities At SWIP
IT/P2-3 Kang, WeishanHydraulic and Thermal Analysis of ITER Standard NB Blanket Module
IT/P2-4 Maier, H.Tungsten and Beryllium Armour Development for the JET ITER-like Wall Project
IT/P2-5 Chen, JimingProgress towards a Better Be/Cu Joining for ITER First Wall in China
IT/P2-6 Liu, XiangHigh heat flux tests of small-scale Be/Cu mock-ups for ITER
IT/P2-7 Wu, YicanDesign Concept and Testing Strategy of a Dual Functional Lithium Lead Test Blanket Module for ITER and EAST
IT/P2-8 Zheng, ShanliangNeutronics Analysis for the Test Blanket Modules proposed for EAST and ITER
IT/P2-9 Ioki, K.ITER limiters moveable during plasma discharge and optimization of ferromagnetic inserts to minimize toroidal field ripple
IT/P2-10 Heidinger, R.Design and Analysis of the ECH Upper Port Plug Structure at ITER
IT/P2-11 Maix, R.K.Assessment of the Mechanical Properties of ITER Magnet Insulation Candidate Systems before and after Neutron Irradiation
IT/P2-12 Day, Ch.Development of a Simulation Code for ITER Vacuum Flows
IT/P2-13 Polevoi, A.R.Assessment of current drive efficiency and synergetic effect for ECCD and LHCD in ITER steady state and hybrid scenarios
IT/P2-14 Saibene, G.Design of the ITER Electron Cyclotron Wave Launcher for NTM Control
IT/P2-15 Henderson, M.A.The ITER ECH FS Upper Launcher mm-wave Design based on a Synergy Study with the Equatorial Launcher
IT/P2-16 Baylor, L.R.Pellet Fueling Technology Development for Efficient Fueling of Burning Plasmas in ITER
IT/P2-17 Porfiri, M.T.ITER ORE Assessment: a New Approach and Analysis Tool