(SE/P2-3) C-14 Production in CTR Materials and Blankets

V.I. Khripunov1), D.K. Kurbatov1), M.L. Subbotin1)
1) Nuclear Fusion Institute, RRC ``Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract.  A consecutive study of the source terms, specific and total production of C-14 as the major contributor to the external costs of fusion was performed by neutron activation analysis of low activation structural materials, coolants and breeders suggested for future power fusion reactors. It shows that the specific C-14 activity induced in the materials of interest is significantly dependent upon the assumption for nitrogen content. Gas-cooled, water-cooled and lithium self-cooled blanket concepts were considered from the C-14 production point of view. A comparison of the C-14 activity induced by CTR blankets and by natural and artificial sources as nuclear tests and power fission reactors is given in the report. It is recommended to minimize the nitrogen content in beryllium and in the low activated structural materials below 0.01 wt %. Then due to environmental and waste disposal reasons C-14 generation in CTR will have negligible impact on the cost.

Full paper available (PDF)