(IT/P2-2) ITER Shield Blanket Design Activities At SWIP

Fu Zhang1), W. S. Kang1), J. H. Wu1), Y. K. Fu1), J. M. Chen1), F. Elio2)
1) Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China
2) ITER International Team, Garching, Jermany

Abstract.  Design works on ITER shield blanket started at SWIP in the end of 2003 conducted by ITER task agreements. In this context 2 shield blanket modules located in the Neutral Beam (NB) port region were studied. One has a regular shape like the other outboard modules in normal places. Another is a special module besides NB opening, which has two Beryllium protected surfaces in both NB duct and main vacuum vessel subject to NB as well as plasma thermal loads. The interfaces of the modules were defined by ITER International Team (IT). The detailed design of the cooling channels in the modules were carried out at SWIP according to the cooling structure proposed by the ITER IT and specifications in the ITER DDD and SDC-IC. Hydraulic and thermal/stress analysis were also studied at SWIP to optimize the structure.

Full paper available (PDF)