(IT/P2-3) Hydraulic and Thermal Analysis of ITER Standard NB Blanket Module

Weishan Kang1), Zhang Fu1), Jihong Wu1), Zengyu Xu1)
1) Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China

Abstract.  Based on the fabrication methods of forging, drilling and welding, the cooling channels in ITER shield block are drilled radial holes with flow drives. In the old design of FDR 2001, the pressure drop in the poloidal hole was very high and it was difficult to achieve uniform flow distribution in the radial holes. In recent years, great improvements in the blanket design were made by ITER international team. Hydraulic and thermal studies on ITER shield blanket module was also carried out by SWIP to assess the hydraulic performance and cooling efficiency, and the flow drives was optimized to achieve “uniform” flow distribution. When some improvements and optimizations were done, the current blanket design was confirmed to satisfy the design requirements according to the results from the analyses.

Full paper available (PDF)