(IT/P2-17) ITER ORE Assessment: a New Approach and Analysis Tool

M.T. Porfiri1), T. Pinna1)
1) ENEA, Frascati, Italy

Abstract.  A licensing process for the proposed ITER machine is currently on going in France. Among the more complex items to be addressed, from the safety point of view, is the assessment of the occupational radiation exposure. Its complexity is related to the fact that the functional systems, including: plasma heating, machine cooling, power supply and plasma diagnostics, are prototypes. Component design is on going and design integration will occur only after completion of the design. Moreover, maintenance procedures will be completely defined only after some years of machine operation. In the meantime, estimation of occupational dose and continuous checks of the application of the ALARA process have to be done for the licensing of the plant. In this paper a systematic approach for the ITER ORE assessment is presented. The ORE-Code software tool has been developed in Excel spreadsheet format to facilitate data handling and updating. To date, this systematic approach has been applied to the ITER port interfacing systems (NBI, ECH&CD, ICH&CD, LHH&CD, Diagnostics, TBM).

Full paper available (PDF)