Session EX/3 - Plasma Wall Interaction

EX/3-1 Pitts, R.A.ELM transport in the JET scrape-off layer
EX/3-2 Miyazawa, J.Density Regime of Complete Detachment and Operational Density Limit in LHD
EX/3-3Ra Dux, R.Tungsten as First Wall Material in ASDEX Upgrade
EX/3-3Rb Schmid, K.S.The Implications of High-Z First Wall Materials on Noble Gas Wall Recycling
EX/3-4 Marmar, E.S.Operation of Alcator C-Mod with High-Z Plasma Facing Components with and without Boronization
EX/3-5 Kirschner, A.Material erosion and redeposition during the JET MkIIGB-SRP divertor campaign
EX/3-6 Loarer, T.Gas Balance and Fuel Retention in Fusion Devices