Session P3 - Poster Session MHD Theory, Particle and Energy Transport

TH/P3-1 Dong, JiaqiMHD Flow Layer Formation in Vicinities of Rational Flux Surfaces of Tokamak Plasmas
TH/P3-2 Gal, K.Runaway Electron Generation during Plasma Shutdown by Killer Pellet Injection
TH/P3-3 Hamaguchi, S.High-m Multiple Tearing Modes in Tokamaks: MHD Turbulence Generation, Interaction with the Internal Kink and Sheared Flows
TH/P3-4 Hole, M.J.Equilibria and Stability in Partially Relaxed Plasma-Vacuum Systems
TH/P3-5 Ishii, Y.Explosive growth and nonlinear dynamics of the forced magnetic island
TH/P3-6 Ishizaki, R.MHD simulation on ablation cloud in tokamak and heliotron
TH/P3-7 Mc Carthy, P.J.Plasma geometry and current profile identification on ASDEX Upgrade using an integrated equilibrium generation and interpretation system
TH/P3-8 Merkel, P.Feedback Stabilization of Resistive Wall Modes in the Presence of Multiply-connected Wall Structures
TH/P3-9 Rodrigues, P.Computation of Toroidal-Current Reversal Equilibria for the JT60-U Tokamak
TH/P3-10 Sauter, O.Partial Stabilization and Control of Neoclassical Tearing Modes in Burning Plasmas
TH/P3-11 Sen, AbhijitDynamical origin of shear flow induced modifications of nonlinear magnetic islands
TH/P3-12 Spineanu, F.S.Helicity fluctuation, generation of linking number and effect on resistivity
TH/P3-13 Yu, Q.Theoretical Studies on the Physics of Magnetic Islands
TH/P3-14 Zheng, LinjinPlasma Rotation Braking and Driving in Tokamaks
TH/P3-15 Izzo, V.A.MHD Simulations for Studies of Disruption Mitigation by High Pressure Noble Gas Injection
TH/P3-16 Belova, E.V.Effects of Energetic Beam Ions on Stability Properties of Field-Reversed Configurations
TH/P3-17 Farengo, R.Current Drive with Oscillating Magnetic Fields and Helicity Injection and Neutral Beam Injection in a D-He3 FRC Reactor
TH/P3-18 Mirnov, V.V.Two Fluid Dynamo and Edge-Resonant m=0 Tearing Instability in Reversed Field Pinch
TH/P3-19 Paccagnella, R.Modeling and Interpretation of MHD Active Control Experiments in RFX-mod
TH/P3-20 Svidzinski, V.A.Momentum Transport and Ion Heating from Reconnection in the Reversed Field Pinch
EX/P3-1 Austin, M.E.Transport Improvement Near Low Order Rational q Surfaces in DIII-D
EX/P3-2 Callen, J.D.Experimental Tests of Paleoclassical Transport
EX/P3-3 Cirant, S.Modulated ECCD experiments on TCV
EX/P3-4 Chen, ZhongyongInteraction of Runaway Electrons with Magnetic Field Ripple in the HT-7 Tokamak
EX/P3-5 McDonald, D.C.Multi-machine Dimensionless Transport Experiments
EX/P3-6 Fiksel, G.Confinement of High Energy and High Temperature Ions in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EX/P3-7 Weisen, H.Particle and Impurity Transport in Electron-Heated Discharges in TCV
EX/P3-8 Koguchi, H.Improved Confinement regimes by the Control of Reversal of Toroidal Magnetic Field in the TPE-RX Reversed-Field Pinch Plasmas
EX/P3-9 Hughes, J.W.Edge Profile Stiffness and Insensitivity of the Density Pedestal to Neutral Fueling in Alcator C-Mod Edge Transport Barriers
EX/P3-10 Innocente, P.Transport and Confinement Studies in RFX-mod Reversed-Field Pinch Experiment
EX/P3-11 Pavlov, Y.D.Transport Barriers and H-mode in Regimes with Deuterium Pellets Injected into T-10 Plasma Heated by ECR
EX/P3-12 Rice, J.E.Inter-Machine Comparison of Spontaneous Toroidal Rotation
EX/P3-13 Akers, R.J.The Influence of Beam Injection Geometry upon Transport and Current Drive in the MAST Spherical Tokamak
EX/P3-14 Sergeev, V.Yu.Interaction of T-10 Plasma with Impurity Pellets and Supersonic Gas Jet
EX/P3-15 Lebedev, S.V.Plasma Heating by Neutral Beam Injection in the TUMAN-3M Tokamak
EX/P3-16 Tala, T.Overview of Poloidal and Toroidal Momentum Transport Studies in JET
EX/P3-17 Valisa, M.Edge transport properties of RFX-mod approaching the Greenwald density limit
EX/P3-18 Voronin, A.V.High Kinetic Energy Jet Injection into Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
EX/P3-19 Ding, W.X.Tearing Mode Driven Charge Transport and Zonal Flow in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EX/P3-20 Camenen, Y.Impact of Plasma Shaping on Electron Heat Tranport in TCV L-mode Plasmas at Various Collisionalities
EX/P3-21 Yao, LianghuaPlasma Behavior with Hydrogen Supersonic Molecular Beam and Cluster Jet Injection in the HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P3-22 Yoshida, M.Driving Mechanism of Toroidal Rotation and Momentum Transport in JT-60U