Session OV/6 IF/1 - Inertial Fusion

OV/6-1 Zhang, W.Y.Status of Inertial Fusion Energy Program in China
IF/1-1 Azechi, H.Compression and Fast Heating of Liquid Deuterium Targets in FIREX Program
IF/1-2Ra Mackinnon, A.J.Studies of electron and proton isochoric heating for fast ignition
IF/1-2Rb Kodama, R.Plasma Photonic Devices for Fast Ignition Concept in Laser Fusion Research
IF/1-2Rc Tanaka, K.Relativistic Electron Generation and Its Behaviors Relevant to Fast Ignition
IF/1-3 Kingsep, A.Radiating Z-pinch Investigation and ``Baikal” Project for ICF