(IF/1-3) Radiating Z-pinch Investigation and ``Baikal” Project for ICF

E.V. Grabovski1)
1) SRC RF TRINITI, Troitsk, Russian Federation

Abstract.  The implosion of radiating Z-pinches is considered as one of methods of ICF target ignition. For development of installation with parameters close to an ignition the cooperation from Efremof Institute, TRINITI, Kurchatov Institute and VNIITF investigate a X-rays generation in Z-pinches and developes the project of generator with a current more than 50 MA. The results of experiments on multiwire arrays implosion on installation ``Angara-5-1" are described for a current up to 4 MA and impulse of a X-rays power 7 TW. The X-ray radiography and the data of a X-ray emission of plasma Z of a pinch together with miniature magnetic probes give informations on a current and mass distribution in a pinch during implosion. The data on density and magnetic fields distribution are used to verify two-dimensional numerical RHMD codes taking into account the model of the plasma production at wires. The basic points of a powerful current generator of ``Baikal" developed for application as the driver for experiments on an ignition of targets for ICF are described. The experimental results of investigation the installation ``MOL" is described. ``MOL" is testbed for testing in actual size basic elements of the module of the generator of ``Baikal".

Full paper and slides available (PDF)