(EX/P4-19) Radiation processes of impurities and hydrogen in detached divertor plasmas of JT-60U

T. Nakano1), H. Kubo1), N. Asakura1), K. Shimizu1), S. Konoshima1), K. Fujimoto1), H. Kawashima1), S. Higashijima1)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Naka, Japan

Abstract.  Volume recombination of C and e into C is observed for the first time in detached plasmas with MARFE. It is found that the recombination flux of C4+ to C3+ is comparable to the ionization flux of C3+ to C4+, and that the recombination zone is above an X-point and beneath the ionization zone. This result suggests that this volume recombination predominantly produces C3+ ions, which contribute 60-80% to the total radiation power in the divertor plasma.

Full paper available (PDF)