Session EX/5 - 3D Effects on Transport

EX/5-1 Urano, H.Enhanced H-mode pedestal and energy confinement by reduction of toroidal field ripple in JT-60U
EX/5-2 Canik, J.M.Reduction of Neoclassical Transport and Observation of a Fast Electron Driven Instability with Quasisymmetry in HSX
EX/5-3 Yokoyama, M.Core Electron-Root Confinement (CERC) in Helical Plasmas
EX/5-4 (theory) Watanabe, T.H.Gyrokinetic Theory and Simulation of Zonal Flows and Turbulence in Helical Systems
EX/5-5Ra Sano, F.Configuration Control Studies of Heliotron J
EX/5-5Rb Okamura, S.Progress of Confinement Physics Study in Compact Helical System
EX/5-6 Tamura, N.Impact of Nonlocal Electron Heat Transport on the High Temperature Plasmas of LHD