Session EX/6 TH/3 - Energetic Particles

EX/6-1 Günter, S.Fast Particle Physics on ASDEX Upgrade
EX/6-2 Ishikawa, M.Confinement Degradation of Energetic Ions due to Alfvén Eigenmodes in JT-60U Negative-Ion-Based Neutral Beam Injection Plasmas
EX/6-3 Heidbrink, W.W.Alfvén Instabilities in DIII-D: Fluctuation Profiles, Thermal-Ion Excitation, and Fast-Ion Transport
EX/6-4 Suzuki, T.Off-axis Current Drive and Current Profile Control in JT-60U
TH/3-1 Gorelenkov, N. N.Interpretation of Mode Frequency Sweeping in JET and NSTX
TH/3-2 Zonca, F.Electron fishbones: theory and experimental evidence