Session P5 - Poster Session Fusion Technology 1, Inertial Fusion

FT/P5-1 Luchetta, A.Recent Results from Real-Time Active Control of MHD Modes in RFX-mod
FT/P5-2 Sakakita, H.Development of Strongly Focused High-Current-Density Ion Beam System and Its Application for the Alpha Particle Measurement in ITER
FT/P5-3 Imagawa, S.Achievement of High Availability in Long-term Operation and Upgrading Plan of the LHD Superconducting System
FT/P5-4 Kaneko, O.High Performance Operation of Negative-Ion-Based Neutral Beam Injection System for the Large Helical Device
FT/P5-5 Stacey, W.M.Tokamak Fusion Neutron Source Requirements for Nuclear Applications
FT/P5-6 Nelson, B.E.Innovation in Design and Fabrication of Compact Stellarators
FT/P5-7 Zhang, GuoshuCalculation of Neutronics for a New CH HCSB NT-TBM with 3×3 Sub-modules
FT/P5-8 Wang, XiaoyuThermal Hydraulic and Mechanical Analysis of CH HCSB TBM
FT/P5-9 Fischer, U.Neutronics and Nuclear Data for Fusion Technology -- Recent Achievements in the EU Programme
FT/P5-10 Tsuchiya, K.Development of Advanced Tritium Breeders and Neutron Multipliers for DEMO Solid Breeder Blankets
FT/P5-11 Ihli, T.High Availability Remote Maintenance Approach for the European DEMO Breeder Blanket options
FT/P5-12 Tanaka, T.Neutronics Investigation of Advanced Self-Cooled Liquid Blanket Systems in Helical Reactor
FT/P5-13 Sato, S.Experimental study on nuclear properties of water cooled pebble bed blanket
FT/P5-14 Norajitra, P.He-cooled Divertor Development: Technological Studies and HHF Experiments for Design Verification
FT/P5-15 Jordanova, J.D.Assessment of the Shielding Efficiency of the HCLL Blanket for a DEMO-type Fusion Reactor
FT/P5-16 Chen, HongliAn Innovative Concept of High Temperature Liquid Blanket for Hydrogen Production
FT/P5-17 Kizane, G.Influence of High Magnetic Field on Fusion Reactor Blanket Processes
FT/P5-18 Feng, KaimingPreliminary Design of China ITER TBM with Helium-Cooled and Solid Breeder Concept
FT/P5-19 Enoeda, M.Test Strategy and Development Achievements of ITER Solid Breeder Test Blanket Modules in Japan
FT/P5-20 Hong, B.G.Progress in the Design of a Tritium Breeding Blankets for Testing in ITER
FT/P5-21 Deng, B.Tritium Well Depth and Tritium Well Time
FT/P5-22 Tobita, K.Concept of compact low aspect ratio demo reactor, SlimCS
FT/P5-23 Pereverzev, G.V.Transport and Stability Study of a Fusion Power Plant Scenario
FT/P5-24 Mitarai, O.Minimization of the External Heating Power by Long Fusion Power Rise-up Time for Self-ignition Access in the Helical Reactor FFHR2m
FT/P5-25 Hiwatari, R.Engineering Design of Demo-CREST and Analysis on Critical Development Issues toward Advanced Tokamak Power Plant CREST
FT/P5-26 Najmabadi, F.The ARIES-CS – A Compact Stellarator Power Plant
FT/P5-27 Coppi, B.Highlights of the Physics and Technology for the Ignitor Experiment
FT/P5-28 van der Schaaf, B.Component Testing and Materials Development for Fusion Applications using Materials Test Reactors
FT/P5-29 Hino, T.Helium Permeability of SiC/SiC Composite Used for Blanket First Wall
FT/P5-30 Tomastik, C.Interaction of Beryllium Oxide with Hydrogen Plasma
FT/P5-31 Tazhibayeva, I.Tokamak KTM Complex for Material Investigation
FT/P5-32 Shinohara, K.Ferritic Insertion for Reduction of Toroidal Magnetic Field Ripple on JT-60U
FT/P5-33 Schäublin, R.E.Radiation Damage in Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels for Fusion Reactors: a Simulation Point of View
FT/P5-34 Satou, M.Development of V-Cr-Ti Type Alloys with Small Additives for Advanced Fusion Applications
FT/P5-35 Horiike, H.Free-Surface Fluctuation at High Speed Lithium Flow for IFMIF
FT/P5-36 Heinzel, V.IFMIF Target and Test Cell - Towards Design Integration
FT/P5-37 Ezato, K.Development of DEMO Divertor with Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel (F82H) in JAEA
FT/P5-38 Chernov, V.M.Structural Materials for Fusion Power Reactors - the RF R&D Activities
FT/P5-39 Norimatsu, T.Conceptual Design of Laser Fusion Reactor KOYO-F Based on Fast Ignition Scheme
FT/P5-40 Kawanaka, J.New Concept of Laser Fusion Energy Driver Using Cryogenic Yb:YAG Ceramics
FT/P5-41 Dies, J.Integrated Modeling of DEMO Scenarios by the CRONOS Suite of Codes
FT/P5-42 Pacher, G.W.Modelling of DEMO Core Plasma Consistent with SOL/Divertor Simulations for Long Pulse Scenarios
IF/P5-1 Iwamoto, A.Development of the Foam Cryogenic Target for the FIREX Project
IF/P5-2 Miyanaga, N.Development of 10-kJ PW Laser for the FIREX-I Program
IF/P5-3 Murakami, M.Hyper-velocity Acceleration of Foil Targets for Impact Fast Ignition
IF/P5-4 Nagatomo, H.Fast Ignition Integrated Interconnecting Code (FI3) - Integrated Simulation and Element Physics
IF/P5-5 Velarde, P.Recent results on fast ignition jet impact scheme
IF/P5-6 Koresheva, E.R.Reactor-scaled cryogenic target formation: mathematical modeling and experimental results
IF/P5-7 Perlado, J.M.Advances in Target Design and Materials Physics for IFE at DENIM
IF/P5-8 Pesme, D.Modelling the Nonlinear Saturation of the Parametric Instabilities Generated by Laser-Plasma Interaction
IF/P5-9 Rudraiah, N.Effects of Laser Radiation, Nanostructured Porous Lining and Electric Field on the Control of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability at the Ablative Surface of the IFE Target
IF/P5-10 Khaydarov, R.T.Investigation of characteristics of laser source of ions from the targets of different densities
IF/P5-11 Yu, S.S.Heavy-Ion-Fusion-Science: Summary of U.S. Progress
IF/P5-12 Kingsep, A.S.Fast Z-Pinch Experiments at the Kurchatov Institute Aimed at the Inertial Fusion Energy
IF/P5-13 Zhang, Y.Linear Analysis of Compressibility and Viscosity Effects on the MRT Instability in Z-pinch Implosions With Sheared Axial Flows
IF/P5-14 Hora, H.Fast Ingnition by Laser Driven Particle Beams of Very High Intensity