(FT/P5-21) Tritium Well Depth and Tritium Well Time

B. Deng1), J. Huang1), K. Feng1), C. Pan1), J. Yan1)
1) Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China

Abstract.  Somewhat similar to, but quite different from the xenon poisoning effects resulting from fission-produced iodine during restart-up process of a fission reactor, a complete new concept of ``tritium well depth and tritium well time” is first time introduced in fusion energy research area by authors. To show what the least required amount of tritium storage is to start up a fusion reactor and how long time the fusion reactor needs to be operated for achieving the ``tritium break even” during the initial start-up phase due to the finite tritium breeding time, the time dependent on the tritium breeder, specific structure of breeding zone, layout of coolant flow pipes, tritium recovery scheme and extraction process, the tritium retention of reactor components, unrecoverable tritium fraction in breeder, leakage to the inertial gas container, and the natural decay etc. Authors pointed out this new phenomenon and answered this problem by setting up and solving a set of equations, which describe a dynamic subsystem model of the tritium inventory evolution in a Fusion Experimental Breeder (FEB). Two different simulation models give almost the same results, “the tritium well depth” is about 317-319g and ``tritium well time” is approximately 240 full power days for reference case of the FEB designed detail configuration, also found that after one-year operation the tritium storage reaches 1.18kg that is more than sufficient one to start up three of FEB-like fusion reactors.

Full paper available (PDF)