Session EX/7 - MHD Stability

EX/7-1Ra Garofalo, A.M.Active Control of Resistive Wall Modes in High Beta, Low Rotation DIII-D Plasmas
EX/7-1Rb Takechi, M.Plasma Rotation and Wall effects on Resistive Wall Mode in JT-60U
EX/7-2Ra Pinches, S.D.MHD Studies in MAST
EX/7-2Rb Sontag, A.C.Investigation of Resistive Wall Mode Stabilization Physics in High Beta Plasmas Using Applied Non-axisymmetric Fields in NSTX
EX/7-3 Martini, S.Overview of RFX-mod results with active MHD control
EX/7-4Ra (theory) Porcelli, F.Integrated modelling of sawtooth oscillations in tokamak plasmas
EX/7-4Rb Fu, G.Y.Nonlinear Simulations of Fishbone Instability and Sawteeth in Tokamaks and Spherical Torus
EX/7-5 Sakakibara, S.Stability in High-Beta Plasmas of LHD