Conference Programme

  Session Topic Chair
Monday, 16 October 2006
08:30-10:15 FPM Welcome/Fusion Pioneers Memorial Kaw, P. (India)
10:45-12:30 OV/1 Overview Magnetic Fusion Smirnov, V. (Russian Fed.)
14:00-16:10 EX/1 Advanced Scenarios Taylor, T. (USA)
16:40-18:45 IT/1 ITER Matsuda, S. (Japan)
14:00-18:45 OV/P Poster Session Overview  
Tuesday, 17 October 2006
08:30-10:15 OV/2 Overview Magnetic Fusion Pan, C. (China)
10:45-12:30 OV/3 Overview Magnetic Fusion liYoshi, A. (Japan)
14:00-16:00 TH/1 EX/2 Fluctuations Sen, A. (India)
16:40-18:45 TH/2 Transport Theory Connor, J. (UK)
14:00-18:45 P1 Poster Session Advanced Scenarios, ITER 1  
Wednesday, 18 October 2006
08:30-10:15 OV/4 Overview Magnetic Fusion Samm, U. (Germany)
10:45-12:30 OV/5 Overview Inertial Fusion Reactors and Technology Hawryluk, R. (USA)
08:30-12:30 P2 Poster Session Transport Theory, SE, ITER  
14:00-16:10 EX/3 Plasma Wall Interaction Grosman, A. (France)
16:40-18:45 FT/1 Fusion Technology Milora, S. (USA)
14:00-18:45 P3 Poster Session MHD Theory, Particle and Energy Transport  
20:00-21:30 IT/E ITER Evening Sauthoff, N. (USA)
Thursday, 19 October 2006
08:30-10:15 OV/6 IF/1 Inertial Fusion Tanaka, K. (Japan)
10:45-12:30 EX/4 NTM/Disruptions Takamura, S. (Japan)
08:30-12:30 P4 Poster Session Plasma Wall Interaction, Fluctuations and Experiments on Transport  
14:00-16:10 EX/5 3D Effects on Transport Alejaldre, C. (Spain)
16:40-18:45 EX/6 TH/3 Energetic Particles Chan, V. (USA)
14:00-18:45 P5 Poster Session Fusion Technology 1, Inertial Fusion  
Friday, 20 October 2006
08:30-10:15 FT/2 New Machines Jiangiang Li (China)
10:45-12:30 EX/7 MHD Stability Galvão, R. (Brazil)
08:30-12:30 P6 PD Poster Session Energetic Particles, Current Drive and Waves, Edge Theory, Post Deadline  
14:00-16:10 EX/8 Particle and Energy Transport De Marco, F. (Italy)
16:40-18:45 EX/9 TH/4 ELMs Tendler, M. (Sweden)
14:00-18:45 P7 Poster Session Fusion Technology 2, 3D Effects on Transport, Alternative Confinement Systems, Innovative Concepts  
Saturday, 21 October 2006
08:30-10:15 IT/2 ITER Systems Lee, G.S. (Rep. of Korea)
10:45-12:30 IT/2 PD ITER, Post-Deadline Sauthoff, N.R. (USA)
08:30-12:30 P8 Poster Session ELMs, MHD Experiments  
14:00-16:10 S/1 Summary Yoshikawa, K. (Japan)
16:40-18:00 S/1 C Summary, Closing Lackner, K. (EC)