Session P7 - Poster Session Fusion Technology 2, 3D Effects on Transport, Alternative Confinement Systems, Innovative Concepts

FT/P7-1 Park, Y.M.Development Progress of the KSTAR Superconducting Magnet and Magnet Interface
FT/P7-2 Kwak, J.Progress in the Heating System Development Towards a Long Pulse Operation in KSTAR
FT/P7-3 Kirnev, G.S.Superconducting Tokamak T-15 Upgrade
FT/P7-4 Fujita, T.Design Optimization for Plasma Control and Assessment of Operation Regimes in JT-60SA
FT/P7-5 Matsukawa, M.Engineering Feature in the Design of JT-60SA
FT/P7-6 Werner, A.Integrated Software Development for Wendelstein 7-X
FT/P7-7 Yao, D.M.Design, Analyses and R&D for EAST In-vessel Components
FT/P7-8 Xu, LiuweiThe Design and Testing Result of TF Power Supply System of EAST Tokamak
FT/P7-9 Song, YuntaoDesign, fabrication and testing results of vacuum vessel, thermal shield and Cryostat of EAST
FT/P7-10 Pan, YannianSuperconducting Toroidal Field Magnet System for EAST Device
FT/P7-11 Weng, PeideThe Engineering commissioning of EAST Superconducting Tokomak
EX/P7-1 Dinklage, A.Physical model assessment for the energy confinement time scaling in stellarators
EX/P7-2 Hidalgo, C.On the link between edge momentum redistribution and turbulence in the TJ-II stellarator
EX/P7-3 Melnikov, A.V.Study of plasma potential evolution in ECRH and NBI plasmas in the TJ-II stellarator
EX/P7-4 Grebenshchikov, S.E.Recent Results from L-2M Stellarator
EX/P7-5 Kitajima, S.Study of Ion Viscosity by Spontaneous L-H Transitions under Marginal Hot Cathode Biasing in the Tohoku University Heliac
EX/P7-6 Estrada, T.Transitions to improved core electron heat confinement triggered by low order rational magnetic surfaces in the stellarator TJ-II
EX/P7-7 Yoshinuma, M.Formation of Radial Electric Field Shear at Boundary of Magnetic Island in LHD
EX/P7-8 Burdakov, A.V.Studies of plasma confinement in GOL-3 Multiple Mirror Trap
EX/P7-9 Kruglyakov, E.P.Modern Magnetic Mirror Systems. Status and Perspectives
EX/P7-10 England, A.C.Mirror Stabilization Experiments in the Hanbit Mirror Device
EX/P7-11 Hill, D.N.Confinement Studies in High Temperature Spheromak Plasmas
EX/P7-12 Ono, Y.Transient and Intermittent Magnetic Reconnections in TS-3/UTST Merging Startup Experiments
EX/P7-13 Kawamori, E.Long Sustainment of FRC-Equilibrium by Use of Center Solenoid in TS-4
EX/P7-14 Cho, T.Progress in Potential Formation and Radial-Transport-Barrier Production for Turbulence Suppression and Improved Confinement in GAMMA 10
TH/P7-1 Nakamura, YujiAnalysis of Net Plasma Currents in Non-Axisymmetric Plasmas
TH/P7-2 Spong, D.A.Shear flow generation in stellarators - configurational variations
TH/P7-3 Reiman, A.Localized Breaking of Flux Surfaces and the Equilibrium Beta Limit in the W7AS Stellarator
IC/P7-1 Kulygin, V.M.Project Epsilon - the Way to Steady State High β Fusion Reactor
IC/P7-2 Soto, L.Experimental Studies in a Gas Embedded Z-pinch Operating at Mega Amperes Currents
IC/P7-3 Ellis, R.F.Measurements of Rotational Velocity Shear and Interchange Stabilization in the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment
IC/P7-4 Sinman, S.Self Creation of Toroidal Field as a Merging of Conventional Field Systems at the Coilless STPC-M for Convenient ST Design
IC/P7-5 Hoffman, A.L.Cross-Field Resitivity Scaling With Density and Temperature For Steady-State FRCs Under Rotating Magnetic Field Current Drive
IC/P7-6 Jarboe, T.R.Spheromak Formation by Steady Inductive Helicity Injection
IC/P7-7 Kesner, J.First Experiments to Test Plasma Confinement by a Magnetic Dipole
IC/P7-8 Mikhailov, M.I.Properties of an Optimized Quasi-Isodynamic Stellarator with Poloidally Closed Contours of the Magnetic Field Strength
IC/P7-9 Masuda, K.Spatial Distribution of D-D/D-3He Advanced Fuels Fusion Reactions in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Device
IC/P7-10 Guo, H.Y.Improved Stability and Confinement in a Novel High-β Spherical-Torus-Like Field-Reversed Configuration
IC/P7-11 Shumlak, U.Equilibrium Evolution in the ZaP Flow Z-Pinch
IC/P7-12 Kotschenreuther, M.T.On Heat Loading, Divertors and Reactors
IC/P7-13 Gerhardt, S.P.Studies of Free-Boundary Field Reversed Configurations with Improved Stability in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment
IC/P7-14 Yoshida, Z.Magnetosphere-like Plasma Produced by Ring Trap 1 (RT-1) - a new approach to high-beta confinement
IC/P7-15 Perkins, F.W.A Gyrotron-Powered Pellet Accelerator for ITER - Improvements and Experiments