Session IT/2 - ITER Systems

IT/2-1Ra Libeyre, P.New results and remaining issues in superconducting magnets for ITER and associated R&D in Europe
IT/2-1Rb Okuno, K.Technology Development for the Construction of ITER Superconducting Magnet System
IT/2-2 Janeschitz, G.A.High Temperture Superconductors for Future Fusion Magnet Systems - Status, Prospects and Challenges
IT/2-3Ra Hanada, M.Production of High Power and Large-Area Negative Ion Beams for ITER
IT/2-3Rb Antoni, V.Technological aspects of the different schemes for accelerator and ion source of the ITER Neutral Beam Injector
IT/2-3Rc Franzen, P.Progress of the development of the IPP RF Negative Ion Source for the ITER Neutral Beam System
IT/2-3Rd Bonicelli, T.Review of the EU Activities in Preparation of ITER
IT/2-4Ra Piosczyk, B.170 GHz, 2 MW, CW Coaxial Cavity Gyrotron for ITER - status and experimental results
IT/2-4Rb Litvak, A.G.Development in Russia of High Power Gyrotrons for Fusion
IT/2-4Rc Sakamoto, K.Development of the 170 GHz Gyrotron and Equatorial Launcher for ITER
IT/2-4Rd Erckmann, V.The 140 GHz, 10 MW, CW ECRH Plant for W7-X: A Training Field for ITER
IT/2-4Re Gantenbein, G.Experimental Results of the 1 MW, 140 GHz, CW Gyrotron for W7-X