Session TH/2 - Transport Theory

TH/2-1 Candy, J.Coupled ITG/TEM-ETG Gyrokinetic Simulations
TH/2-2 Garbet, X.Beyond scale separation in gyrokinetic turbulence
TH/2-3 Li, JiquanSimulations on the nonlinear mode coupling in multiple-scale drift-type turbulence with coherent flow structures
TH/2-4 Diamond, P.H.Progress in Understanding Multi-Scale Dynamics of Drift Wave Turbulence
TH/2-5 Singh, R.Linear and nonlinear aspects of edge turbulence and transport in tokamaks
TH/2-6Ra Hahm, T.S.Gyrokinetic Studies of Nonlocal Properties of Turbulence-driven and Neoclassical Transport
TH/2-6Rb Lee, W.W.Long Time Simulations of Microturbulence in Fusion Plasmas