(EX/P8-20) Potential Safe plasma termination Using Laser Ablation of High-Z Impurity in Tokamak

Yongzhen Zheng1), Q.W. Yang, A.K. Wang, X.Y. Feng, Y. Huang, H. Wang
1) Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, sichuam, China, Chengdu, China

Abstract.  A preliminary experiment triggering a plasma current quench by laser ablation of high-z impurities has been performed in the HL-1M and HL-2A tokamak. Using injection of impurity with higher electric charge allows us to increase the radiation cooling. Resistive, highly radiating plasma formed prior to the thermal quench, can dissipate both the thermal and magnetic energy. It can be possibly a simple and potential approach to decrease significantly the plasma thermal energy and magnetic energy before a disruption then obtain a safe plasma termination.

Full paper available (PDF)