(TH/P8-6) ELM Simulations with M3D

H.R. Strauss1), L. Sugiyama2), C. S. Chang1), G. Y. Park1), S. Ku1), W. Park3), J. Breslau3), S. Jardin3)
1) New York University, New York, United States of America
2) MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA
3) Princeton Plasma Physics Lab., Princeton NJ, USA

Abstract.  Edge localized modes (ELMs) are important because they can control the loss of energy and particles at the edge of tokamak plasmas. We have carried out extended MHD simulations of ELM crashes and subsequent plasma relaxation, using DIII-D and ITER geometry and initial profiles. Gyroviscous stabilization was found to have a relatively small effect on ELMs, which are dominated by long wavelength modes. We are also performing simulations using a kinetic model to initialize bootstrap current and other profile data.

Full paper available (PDF)