(IT/P1-16) Effect of pumped gas reflux on divertor operation in ITER

A.S. Kukushkin1), H. D. Pacher2), V. Kotov3), D. Reiter3), D. Coster4), G. W. Pacher5)
1) ITER International Team, Garching, ITER, Germany
2) INRS-EMT, Varennes, Québec, Canada
3) FZ Jülich, Jülich, Germany
4) Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany
5) Hydro-Québec, Varennes, Québec, Canada

Abstract.  The paper describes the latest results of B2-Eirene modeling of ITER divertor operation. The operational window is further explored with improved model of the neutral transport, the effect of gas leaks between the divertor cassettes is assessed, and the initial results on impurity seeding are presented.

Full paper available (PDF)