(IT/P1-24) High Priority R&D Topics in Support of ITER Diagnostic Development

A.J.H. Donné1), A.E. Costley2)
1) FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen, Association EURATOM-FOM, Partner in the Trilateral Euregio Cluster, PO Box 1207, 3430 BE Nieuwegein, Netherlands, www.rijnhuizen.nl
2) ITER IT, Naka Joint Work Site, Japan

Abstract.  The development of diagnostics ITER is a major challenge because of the harsh environment, strict engineering requirements and needs for advanced control. Within the International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA), a Topical Group (TG) specialises in diagnostics and aims to support the development and design of the needed systems. Five R&D tasks have been identified as `high priority’ and form the focus of current work: 1) Review the requirements for measurements of the neutron/alpha source profile and assess possible methods of measurement; 2) Support the development of methods to measure the energy and density distribution of confined and escaping alpha-particles; 3) Assess the effects of radiation on coils used for measurements of the plasma equilibrium and support the development of new methods to measure steady state magnetic fields accurately in a nuclear environment; 4) Determine the life-time of plasma facing mirrors used in optical systems; 5) Develop the requirements for measurements of dust, and assess techniques proposed for measurement of dust and erosion.

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