Session EX/3 TH/1 - Momentum Transport

TH/1-1 Diamond, P.H.Physics of Non-Diffusive Turbulent Transport of Momentum and the Origins of Spontaneous Rotation in Tokamaks
EX/3-1 Yoshida, M.Formation Mechanism of Toroidal Rotation Profile and Characteristics of Momentum Transport in JT-60U
EX/3-2 Kaye, S.M.Momentum Transport in Electron-Dominated Spherical Torus Plasmas
EX/3-3 Tala, TuomasExperimental Evidence on Inward Momentum Pinch on JET and Comparison with Theory and Modelling
EX/3-4 Solomon, W.M.Developments in Predictive Understanding of Plasma Rotation on DIII-D