Session P4 - SOL, Impurities, Experiments-Wall, Theory-Divertor, Innovative Confinement, Scenarios

EX/P4-1 Kendl, A.Hydrocarbon Characteristics in Fusion Edge Plasmas from Electron-Molecule and Ion-Surface Collision Experiments
EX/P4-2 Ekedahl, A.Operational Limits during High Power Long Pulses in Tore Supra
EX/P4-3 Rohde, V.Dynamic and Static Deuterium Inventory in ASDEX Upgrade with Tungsten First Wall
EX/P4-4 Doerner, R.P.Issues Associated with Codepostion of Deuterium with ITER Materials
EX/P4-5 Castaldo, C.Detection of Dust Particles in FTU
EX/P4-6 Mazzitelli, G.Status and Perspective of the Liquid Material Experiments in FTU and ISTTOK
EX/P4-7 Ashikawa, N.Characterization of Heated Dust Particles Using Infrared and Dynamic Images in LHD
EX/P4-8 Hino, T.Hydrogen Concentration of Co-deposited Carbon Films Produced in the Vicinity of Local Island Divertor in Large Helical Device
EX/P4-9 Kaita, R.Plasma Performance Improvement with Lithium-Coated Plasma-Facing Components in NSTX
EX/P4-10 Gusev, V.K.Plasma-Wall Interaction Study in the Open Divertor of Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
EX/P4-11 Silva, C.G.Overview of Recent ISTTOK Results
EX/P4-12 Zushi, H.Active Particle Control Experiments and Critical Flux Discriminating between the Wall Retention and Release in the CPD Spherical Tokamak
EX/P4-13 Khimchenko, L.N.Study of Dust Morphology, Composition and Surface Growth under ITER-relevant Energy Load in Plasma Gun QSPA-facility
EX/P4-14 Vershkov, V.A.Experiments with Lithium Gettering of the T-10 Tokamak.
EX/P4-15 Khorshid, PejmanOverview of Experimental Studies on IR-T1 Tokamak
EX/P4-16 Ueda, Y.Localized Tungsten Deposition in Divertor Region in JT-60U
EX/P4-17 Lisgo, S.The Influence of Filaments on Scrape-Off Layer Transport
EX/P4-18 Ohno, N.Statistical Analysis of Fluctuation Characteristics at High- and Low-Field Sides in L-mode SOL Plasmas of JT-60U
EX/P4-19 Groth, M.Effect of Cross-field Drifts and Core Rotation on Flows in the Main Scrape-Off Layer of DIII-D L-mode Plasmas
EX/P4-20 Pitts, R.A.SOL Transport in TCV
EX/P4-21 Petrie, T.W.The Effect of Magnetic Balance and Particle Drifts on Radiating Divertor Behavior in DIII-D
EX/P4-22 Soukhanovskii, V.A.Divertor Heat Flux Mitigation in High-Performance H-mode Plasmas in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
EX/P4-23 Stroth, U.Experimental Investigation of Turbulence at the Transition from Closed to Open Field Lines
EX/P4-24 Masuzaki, S.Advanced Divertor Scenario in the Large Helical Device
EX/P4-25 Nakano, T.Impurity Accumulation in the Main Plasma and Radiation Processes in the Divetor Plasma of JT-60U
EX/P4-26 Burhenn, R.On Impurity Handling in High Performance Stellarator/Heliotron Plasmas
EX/P4-27 Ferron, J.R.Development in DIII-D of High β Discharges Appropriate for Steady-State Tokamak Operation with Burning Plasmas
TH/P4-1 Pacher, G.W.Operation Window with Mutually Consistent Core SOL Divertor Conditions in ELMy H-Mode: Prospects for Long Pulse Operation in ITER and DEMO
TH/P4-2 Ghendrih, P.Turbulence and Flow Interplay in the Tokamak Edge Plasma
TH/P4-3 Coster, D.P.Recent Results from Edge Modelling on ASDEX Upgrade
TH/P4-4 Feng, YuheDivertor-Transport Study for Helical Devices
TH/P4-5 Gál, K. Mitigation of ELMs and Disruptions by Pellet Injection
TH/P4-6 Maddaluno, G.Edge Plasma Physics Issues for the Fusion Advanced Studies Torus (FAST) in Reactor Relevant Conditions
TH/P4-7 Hamaguchi, S.Generation of Dust Seeds by Sputtering of Carbon-based Plasma Facing Materials under Low-energy H/D/T Ion Bombardment
TH/P4-8 Ohya, K.Modelling of Hydrocarbon Redeposition in the Gaps of Castellated Structures
TH/P4-9 Takizuka, T.Two-dimensional Full Particle Simulation of the Flow Patterns in the Scrape-off-layer Plasma for Upper- and Lower- Null Point Divertor Configurations in Tokamak
TH/P4-10 Park, G.What is the RMP Driven Transport and How Does it Affect ELMs?
TH/P4-11 Spineanu, F.Vortex Nucleation in Strongly Sheared Poloidal Rotation and Effects on Velocity Saturation and Generation of ELM Modes
TH/P4-12 Lukash, V.E.Numerical Modelling of Li Limiter Experiments in T11-M Tokamak
TH/P4-13 Mavrin, A.A.Computation of Radial Electric Field in the Turbulent Edge Plasma of the T-10 Tokamak
TH/P4-14 Rajkovic, M.Characteristics of Intermittency and ELM Dynamics in the Edge Region of Magnetic Confinement Devices
TH/P4-15 Castejón, F.Flux-expansion Divertor Studies in TJ-II
TH/P4-16 Daybelge, U.Bifurcation Behaviour of Rotation Velocities in Collisional Edge Plasma with Steep Gradient
TH/P4-17 D'Ippolito, D.A.Edge Turbulence, Blob Generation, and Interaction with Sheared Flows
TH/P4-18 Hegna, C.C.Intermediate Nonlinear Regimes of Line-tied g Mode and Ballooning Instability
TH/P4-19 Izzo, V.A.RMP Enhanced Transport and Rotational Screening in DIII-D Simulations
TH/P4-20 Krasheninnikov, S.I.Theory and Modelling of Edge Plasma Transport, Plasma-Wall Interactions, and Dust Dynamics
TH/P4-22 Xu, X.Q.Fully Nonlinear Edge Gyrokinetic Simulations of Kinetic Geodesic-Acoustic Modes and Boundary Flows
IC/P4-1 Hoffman, A.L.Hot Steady-State FRCs and the Field Reversed Mirror Concept
IC/P4-2 Inomoto, M.Formation and Sustainment of Field-reversed Configuration by Rotating Magnetic Field with Spatial High-harmonic Components
IC/P4-3 Belova, E.V.Simulation Studies of Field-Reversed Configurations with Rotating Magnetic Field Current Drive
IC/P4-4 Farengo, R.Current Drive and Heating in a D- 3He FRC Reactor, Relaxation in a Flux Core Spheromak and Oscillating Field Current Drive
IC/P4-5 Jarboe, T.R.Spheromak Formation by Steady Inductive Helicity Injection
IC/P4-6 Majeski, R.Performance Projections for the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment (LTX)
IC/P4-7 Kotschenreuther, M.The Super X Divertor (SXD) and High Power Density Experiment (HPDX)
IC/P4-8 Ryutov, D.D.A Snowflake Divertor: A Possible Way of Improving the Power Handling in Future Fusion Facilities
IC/P4-9 Kruglyakov, E.P.Thermonuclear Prospects of Modern Mirror Systems
IC/P4-10 Soto, L.Fusion Studies Using Plasma Focus Devices from Hundred of Kilojoules to Less than One Joule. Scaling, Stability and Fusion Mechanisms
IC/P4-11 Yasaka, Y.Studies on Plasma Direct Energy Converters for Thermal and Fusion-Produced Ions Using Slanted Cusp Magnetic and Distributed Electric Fields
IC/P4-12 Garnier, D.T.Confinement Improvement with Magnetic Levitation of a Superconducting Dipole
IC/P4-13 Wurden, G.A.FRCHX Magnetized Target Fusion HEDLP Experiments