Session P5 - Momentum Transport, Turbulence

EX/P5-1 Yoshinuma, M.Observations of Spontaneous Toroidal Flow on LHD
EX/P5-2 Degrassie, J.S.Intrinsic Rotation in H-Mode Pedestal in DIII-D
EX/P5-3 Prager, S.C.Momentum Transport from Tearing Instability
EX/P5-4 Rice, J.E.Counter-current Rotation and ITB Formation in Alcator C-Mod LHCD Plasmas
EX/P5-5 Severo, J.H.F.Measurement of Temporal Evolution of Plasma Rotation in the TCABR Tokamak
EX/P5-6 Tanaka, K.Experimental Investigation of Particle Pinch Associated with Turbulence in LHD Heliotron and JT-60U Tokamak Plasmas
EX/P5-7 Fukumoto, N.Investigation of Compact Toroid Penetration for Fueling Spherical Tokamak Plasmas on CPD
EX/P5-8 Petrov, Y.V.Central Fueling of Globus-M Plasma with the Help of Coaxial Plasma Gun.
EX/P5-9 Weller, A.International Stellarator/Heliotron Database Activities on High-β Confinement and Operational Boundaries
EX/P5-10 Inagaki, S.Radial Interaction in Dynamic Heat Transport of LHD Plasmas
EX/P5-11 Fukuda, T.Impact of Magnetic Shear Modification on Confinement and Turbulent Fluctuations in LHD Plasmas
EX/P5-12 Kitajima, S.Density Collapse in Improved Confinement Mode on Tohoku University Heliac
EX/P5-13 Kobayashi, S.Effect of Bumpy Magnetic Field on Energy Confinement in NBI Plasmas of Heliotron J
EX/P5-14 Shchepetov, S.V.Fast Transport Transitions in High Shear L-2M Stellarator: Role of Moderate-Order Rational Magnetic Surfaces
EX/P5-15 Pochelon, A.Physics Insight and Performance Benefit in MHD and Energy Transport from Plasma Shaping Experiments in the TCV Tokamak
EX/P5-16 Sakharov, N.V.Study of Globus-M low Aspect Ratio Plasma in Improved Confinement Regime.
EX/P5-17 Valovic, M.Confinement and Fueling in MAST
EX/P5-18 Razumova, K.A.Tokamak Plasma Self-Organization and Possibility to Have the Peaked Density Profile in ITER
EX/P5-19 Ryter, F.Simultaneous Analysis of Ion and Electron Heat Transport by Power Modulation in JET
EX/P5-20 Maslov, M.Density profile Behavior in JET H-mode plasmas
EX/P5-21 Ding, WeixingParticle Transport and Electron Density Relaxation Due to Stochastic Magnetic Fields in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EX/P5-22 Puiatti, M.E.High Density Physics in Reversed Field Pinches : Comparison with Tokamaks and Stellarators
EX/P5-23 Sun, H.J.Non-local Transport Phenomenon with SMBI on HL-2A
EX/P5-24 Ding, xuantongObservation of a Natural Particle Transport Barrier in HL-2A tokamak
EX/P5-25 Koguchi, H.High β Plasma in Improved Confinement Regime on the TPE-RX Reversed-Field Pinch Plasmas
EX/P5-26 Martines, E.Transport Mechanisms in the Outer Region of RFX-mod
EX/P5-27 Burdakov, A.V.Advances in Plasma Heating and Confinement in the GOL-3 Multiple Mirror Trap
EX/P5-28 Yoshida, Z.High-β (Hot Electron) Plasma in Ring Trap 1 (RT-1)
EX/P5-29 López-Bruna, D.Footprint of the Magnetic Configuration in ECH Plasmas of the TJ-II Flexible Heliac
EX/P5-30 Hidalgo, C.Multi-scale Physics during Shear Flow Development in the TJ-II Stellarator
EX/P5-31 Estrada, T.Characterization of the Perpendicular Rotation Velocity of the Turbulence by Reflectometry in the Stellarator TJ-II
EX/P5-32 Liu, A.D.Three-dimension Spectral Characteristics of Low-frequency Zonal Flow in the Edge Plasma of HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P5-33 Yan, LongwenDensity Fluctuation of GAM Zonal Flows on the HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P5-34 Zhao, KaijunTwo Distinct Regimes of Turbulence in HL-2A Tokamak Plasmas
EX/P5-35 Schmitz, L.First Observation of Reduced Core Electron Temperature Fluctuations and Intermediate Wavenumber Density Fluctuations in H- and QH-mode Plasmas
EX/P5-36 Melnikov, A.V.The Study of the Statistical Properties of Electric Potential Oscillations in the T-10 Tokamak
EX/P5-37 Shelukhin, D.A.Spatial Structure of Density Fluctuations and Geodesic Acoustic Mode in T-10 Tokamak.
EX/P5-38 Conway, G.D.Turbulence and Geodesic Acoustic Mode Behavioural Studies in ASDEX Upgrade Using Doppler Reflectometry
EX/P5-39 Skvortsova, N.N.Effect of ECRH Regime on Characteristics of Short-Wave Turbulence in Plasma of the L-2M Stellarator
EX/P5-40 Tynan, G.R.Multi-scale Nonlinear Turbulence Dynamics Studies
EX/P5-41 Furno, I.F.Turbulence and Transport in Simple Magnetized Toroidal Plasmas
EX/P5-42 Dunai, D.Comparison of Turbulence Measurement Results on the Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator and the TEXTOR Tokamak
EX/P5-43 Ivanov, A.A.Steady-State Confinement of Anisotropic Hot Ion Plasma in the Gas Dynamic Trap