Session TH/3 - Edge and Wave Particle Theory

TH/3-1 Poli, E.Behaviour of Turbulent Transport in the Vicinity of a Magnetic Island
TH/3-2 Hudson, S.R.Temperature Gradients are Supported by Cantori in Chaotic Fields.
TH/3-3 Shimizu, K.Kinetic Modelling of Impurity Transport in Detached Plasma for Integrated Divertor Simulation with SONIC (SOLDOR/NEUT2D/IMPMC/EDDY)
TH/3-4 Spong, D.A.Energetic Particle Physics Issues for 3-dimensional Toroidal Configurations
TH/3-5 Vdovin, V.L.Critical Problems in Plasma Heating/CD in Large Fusion Devices and ITER