Session P6 - ELMs, Pedestal, Iter, Experiments-Heating&CD

EX/P6-1 Herrmann, A.Filament Dynamics and Transport in the Scrape-Off-Layer of ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P6-2 Jakubowski, M.W.Divertor Heat Loads in RMP ELM Controlled H-mode Plasmas on DIII-D
EX/P6-3 Kirk, A.ELM Power Loadings and Control on MAST Using Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
EX/P6-4 Maingi, R.Comparison of Small ELM Characteristics and Regimes in Alcator C-Mod, MAST, and NSTX
EX/P6-5 Nakashima, Y.Analysis of Pedestal Characteristics in JT-60U H-mode Plasmas Based on Monte-Carlo Neutral Transport Simulation
EX/P6-6 Ejiri, A.Non-inductive Plasma Current Start-up by EC and RF Power in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
EX/P6-7 Nagata, M.Experimental and Computational Studies of MHD Relaxation Generated by Coaxial Helicity Injection in the HIST Spherical Torus Plasmas
EX/P6-8 Tanaka, HitoshiNon-Solenoidal Formation of Spherical Torus by ECH/ECCD in LATE
EX/P6-9 Yoshinaga, T.Physics Study of EC-Excited Current Generation via Current Jump in the Compact Plasma-Wall-Interaction Experimental Device
EX/P6-10 Raman, R.Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX Using Transient CHI
EX/P6-11 Sontag, A.C.Current Profile Modification Influence on MHD and Non-Solenoidal Plasma Startup in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment
EX/P6-12 Bucalossi, J.Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating Assisted Plasma Startup in the Tore Supra tokamak
EX/P6-13 Igami, H.Electron Bernstein Wave Heating via the Slow X-B Mode Conversion Process with Direct Launching from the High Field Side in LHD
EX/P6-14 Kubo, S.Profile Control by Local ECRH in LHD
EX/P6-15 Nagasaki, K.Effect of Magnetic Field Ripple on ECCD in Heliotron J
EX/P6-16 Paley, J.I.Real Time Control of Plasmas and ECRH Systems on TCV
EX/P6-17 Diem, S.J.Investigation of Electron Bernstein Wave (EBW) Coupling and its Critical Dependence on EBW Collisional Loss in High-Beta, H-Mode ST Plasmas
EX/P6-18 Laqua, H.Fundamental Investigation of Electron Bernstein Wave Heating and Current Drive at the WEGA Stellarator
EX/P6-19 Goetz, J.A.Lower Hybrid and Electron Bernstein Wave Current Drive Experiments in MST
EX/P6-20 Nakamura, YujiTime Evolution of the Bootstrap Current Profile in LHD Plasmas
EX/P6-21 Wilson, J.R.Lower Hybrid Heating and Current Drive on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak
EX/P6-22 Goniche, M.Effect of Gas Injection during LHCD Experiments in ITER-Relevant Coupling Conditions
EX/P6-23 Wukitch, S.J.Ion Cyclotron Antenna Impurity Production and Real Time Matching in Alcator C-Mod
EX/P6-24 Pinsker, R.I.Experimental Study of Fast Wave Absorption Mechanisms in DIII-D in the Presence of Energetic Ions
EX/P6-25 Phillips, C.K.Spectral Effects on Fast Wave Core Heating and Current Drive
EX/P6-26 Turnyanskiy, M.Current Profile Control Studies on MAST
EX/P6-27 Takase, Y.Parametric Decay Instability during High Harmonic Fast Wave Heating Experiments on the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
EX/P6-28 Okada, H.Velocity Distribution of Fast Ions Generated by ICRF Heating in Heliotron J
EX/P6-29 Kumazawa, RyuheiProgress towards RF Heated Steady-State Plasma Operations on LHD by Employing ICRF Heating Methods and Improved Divertor Plates
EX/P6-30 Kasahara, H.High Harmonic Fast Wave Heating and Beam Driven Ion Cyclotron Emission Behavior in the LHD
EX/P6-31 Bobkov, V.ICRF Antenna Operation with Full W-wall in ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P6-32 Gunn, J.P.Suprathermal Electron Beams and Large Sheath Potentials Generated by RF-antennae in the Scrape-off Layer of Tore Supra
EX/P6-33 Ongena, J.Heating Optimization Studies at JET in Support of ITER
IT/P6-1 Izquierdo, J.European ITER Site Studies: Lessons Learnt in Safety and Licensing
IT/P6-2 Kurki-suonio, T.Fast Ion Losses in ITER
IT/P6-3 Kramer, G.J.Fusion-born Alpha Particle Ripple Loss Studies in ITER
IT/P6-4 Giruzzi, G.Integrated Modelling of Steady-state Scenarios for ITER: Physics and Computational Challenges
IT/P6-5 Oikawa, T.Benchmarking of Neutral Beam Current Drive Codes as a Basis for the Integrated modelling for ITER
IT/P6-6 Polevoi, A.R.Assessment of Plasma Parameters for Low Activation Phase of ITER Operation
IT/P6-7 Parail, V.Integrated Modelling for ITER in EU
IT/P6-8 Buttery, R.J.Multimachine Extrapolation of Neoclassical Tearing Mode Physics to ITER
IT/P6-9 La Haye, R.J.Prospects for Stabilization of Neoclassical Tearing Modes by Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in ITER
IT/P6-10 Bazylev, B.Simulations of Material Damage to Divertor and First Wall Armour under ITER Transient Loads by Modelling and Experiments
IT/P6-11 Pestchanyi, S.E.Integrated Modelling of ITER Plasma Dynamics and Wall Processes Following Type I ELMs and Consequences for Tokamak Operation
IT/P6-12 Tereshin, V.I.Simulation of ITER Transient Heat Loads to the Divertor Surfaces with Using the High Power Quasi-Steady-State Plasma Accelerator
IT/P6-13 Loarte, A.Power and Particle Fluxes at the Plasma Edge of ITER : Specifications and Physics Basis
IT/P6-14 Snyder, P.B.Pedestal Stability Comparison and ITER Pedestal Prediction
IT/P6-15 Kukushkin, A.S.Analysis of Performance of the Optimized Divertor in ITER
IT/P6-16 Roth, J.A New Look at the Specification of ITER Plasma Wall Interaction and Tritium Retention
IT/P6-17 Bandyopadhyay, I.Simulations of ITER Disruption and VDE Scenarios with TSC and Comparison with DINA Results
IT/P6-18 Whyte, D.G.Studies of Requirements for ITER Disruption Mitigation Systems
IT/P6-19 Baylor, L.R.Pellet Fueling, ELM Pacing, and Disruption Mitigation Technology Development for ITER
IT/P6-20 Donné, A.J.H.Key R&D Activities for ITER Diagnostics
IT/P6-21 Costley, A.E.Measurement Requirements and the Diagnostic System on ITER: Modifications Following the Design Review
IT/P6-22 Litnovsky, A.Progress in Research and Development of Mirrors for ITER Diagnostics
IT/P6-23 Ogawa, H.Research and Development of Optical Diagnostics for ITER
IT/P6-24 Mukhin, E.E.Progress in Development of Deposition Prevention and Cleaning Techniques for In-Vessel Optics in ITER
IT/P6-25 Walsh, M.J.Performance Evaluation of ITER Thomson Scattering Systems
IT/P6-26 Skinner, C.H.Electrostatic Dust Detection and Removal for ITER