Session EX/5 TH/4 - Stability

EX/5-1 Sabbagh, S.A.Advances in Global MHD Mode Stabilization Research on NSTX
EX/5-2 Matsunaga, G.Dynamics and Stability of Resistive Wall Mode in the JT-60U High-β Plasmas
EX/5-3Ra Reimerdes, H.Effect of Resonant and Non-resonant Magnetic Braking on Error Field Tolerance in High-β Plasmas
EX/5-3Rb Park, J.-K.New Understanding of Tokamak Plasma Response to 3D Magnetic Fields
TH/4-1 Chapman, I.T.The Physics of Sawtooth Stabilisation in Tokamak Plasmas
EX/5-4 Isayama, A.Neoclassical Tearing Mode Control with ECCD and Magnetic Island Evolution in JT-60U
TH/4-2 Sen, A.Turbulent Transport and Flow Effects on NTM Evolution and Trigger Mechanisms