Session P7 - Inertial Fusion, ITER

IF/P7-2 Tolley, M.K.Microtarget Requirements, Production and Delivery for HiPER
IF/P7-3 Atzeni, S.Studies on Targets for Inertial Fusion Ignition Demonstration at the HiPER Facility
IF/P7-4 Batani, D.Fast Electron Propagation In High Density Plasmas Created By Shock Wave Compression
IF/P7-5 Chen, M.Theory and Simulation of Non-local Thermal Smoothing for Arbitrary Scale Length Modulation
IF/P7-6 Goto, T.Conceptual Design of a Fast-Ignition Laser Fusion Reactor FALCON-D
IF/P7-7 Hora, H.Modification of the Bobin-Chu Fusion Threshold for Laser Driven Block Ignition or for Spark Ignition
IF/P7-8 Kawanaka, J.K.“GENBU”-Laser Development with Cryogenic Yb:YAG Ceramic for Fusion Energy Reactor Driver
IF/P7-9 Khaydarov, RajabbayMethods Improved Characteristics of Laser Source of Ions
IF/P7-10 Koester, P.Fast Electron Transport Studies in Petawatt Laser Irradiation of Solid Dielectric and Metallic Target Materials
IF/P7-11 Kong, H.J.Beam Combined Laser Fusion Driver Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation Mirrors
IF/P7-12 Koresheva, E.R.Study on Fabrication and Manipulation of HEDgeHOB Cryogenic Targets
IF/P7-13 Labate, L.Study of Fast Electron Transport Dynamics in Solids Using Multispectral, Monochromatic X-ray Imaging
IF/P7-14 Li, D.Effects of Magnetic Field, Viscosity and Shear Flow on the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability
IF/P7-15 Grant Logan, B.Advances in U.S. Heavy Ion Fusion Science
IF/P7-16 Murakami, M.M.Quest for Impact Fast Ignition
IF/P7-17 Nagai, K.Encapsulation of Low Density Plastic Foam Materials for the Fast Ignition Realization Experiment (FIREX) -- Control of Microstructure and Density -
IF/P7-18 Nagatomo, HideoNumerical Study of Advanced Target Design for FIREX-I
IF/P7-19 Norimatsu, T.Elemental Research on Laser Fusion Reactor KOYO-F
IF/P7-20 Perlado, J.M.Chamber Responses and Safety and Fusion Technology in HiPER Facility
IF/P7-21 Perlado, J.M.P.Progress in Inertial Fusion and Fusion Technology at DENIM
IF/P7-22 Sakagami, H.Integrated Simulations and Respective Simulation Modelling for FIREX-I
IF/P7-23 Sid, A.Weibel Instability in a Bi-Maxwellian Laser Fusion Plasma
IF/P7-24 Tanaka, K.A.Progress in Studies of Ultra-intense Laser Plasma Interactions for Fast Ignition FIREX Project
IF/P7-25 Wolowski, J.Studies of Phenomena Related to Fast Ignition of a Fusion Target
IF/P7-26 Yoshida, H.Development of Target Injection and Tracking for IFE in Japan
IF/P7-27 Pavez, C.Nuclear Fusion in a High Current Gas Embedded Z-pinch
IF/P7-28 Shumlak, U.Sheared Flow Stabilization in the Z-Pinch
IF/P7-29 Rudraiah, N.Electromagnetohydrodynamic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability at the Ablative Surface of IFE Target Filled with a Poorly Conducting Fluid Layer Bounded Above by a Poro
IF/P7-30 Lei, Y.A.Fast Ignition Impact Fusion with DT methane
IF/P7-31 Van Woerkom, L.D.Progress in Fast Ignition Studies with Electrons and Protons
IF/P7-32 Matzen, M.K.Progess in Pulsed Power Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion at Sandia National Laboratories
IT/P7-1 Hoang, G.T.A Lower Hybrid Current Drive System for ITER
IT/P7-2 Jackson, G.L.Simulating the ITER Plasma Startup Scenario in the DIII-D Tokamak
IT/P7-3 Dremel, M.Cryopump Design for the ITER Heating Neutral Beam Injector
IT/P7-4 Kashiwagi, MiekoHigh Energy, High Current Accelerator Development for ITER NBI at JADA
IT/P7-5 Watanabe, K.-1 MV DC UHV Power Supply for ITER NBI
IT/P7-6 Nightingale, M.P SRF and Mechanical Design of the ITER Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Antenna
IT/P7-7 Hemsworth, R.S.Status of the ITER Heating Neutral Beam System
IT/P7-8 Messiaen, A.M.A.Preparing ITER ICRF: Test of the Load Resilient Matching Systems on an Antenna Mock-up
IT/P7-9 Fantz, U.Physical Performance Analysis and Progress of the Development of the Negative Ion RF Source for the ITER NBI System
IT/P7-10 Chen, JimingITER First Wall Fabrication Technology in China
IT/P7-11 Nishi, HiroshiStudy on Characteristics of Dissimilar Material Joints for ITER First Wall
IT/P7-12 Hong, B.G.Progress on the Development of the Fabrication Technology for the ITER First Wall in Korea
IT/P7-13 Bruzzone, P.Qualification Tests and Facilities for the ITER Superconductors
IT/P7-14 Zanino, R.EU Contribution to the Test and Analysis of the ITER Poloidial Field
IT/P7-15 Li, W.Recent Progress of GIS/GDC Design and Manufacturing for ITER
IT/P7-16 Day, C.Implications of Increased Gas Throughputs at ITER on the Torus Exhaust Pumping System
IT/P7-17 Ezato, K.Provisional Procurement Acitivity and R&D's on Divertor HHF Components in JADA
IT/P7-18 Kakudate, SatoshiR&D Activities for ITER Blanket Remote Handling equipment
IT/P7-19 Siuko, M.DTP2 - Verifying the Divertor Remote Handling Equipment for ITER
IT/P7-20 Park, H.K.Progress on the Design of the ITER Tokamak Assembly Tools
IT/P7-21 Chung, W.Design Progress and Analysis for ITER Thermal Shield
IT/P7-22 Cho, S.Status of R&D Activities on the ITER Tritium Storage and Delivery System