Session P2 - Fusion Technology, Safety-Economics

FT/P2-1 Gaganidze, E.Mechanical Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels after High Dose Neutron Irradiation
FT/P2-2 Materna-Morris, E.Microstructure and Tensile Properties in Reduced Activation 8 - 9% Cr Steels at Fusion Relevant He/dpa Ratios, dpa Rates and Irradiation Temperatures
FT/P2-3 Oksiuta, Z.Optimization of the Chemical Composition and Manufacturing Route for ODS RAF Steels for Fusion Reactor Application
FT/P2-4 Nagasaka, T.Progress in Flibe Corrosion Study Toward Material Research Loop and Advanced Liquid Breeder Blanket
FT/P2-5 Tanigawa, H.R&Ds on Li2TiO3 Pebble Bed for Test Blanket Module in JAEA
FT/P2-6 Tsuru, D.Achievements of the Water Cooled Solid Breeder Test Blanket Module of Japan to the Milestones for Installation in ITER
FT/P2-7 Chen, HongliPreliminary Safety Analysis for the Chinese ITER Dual-Functional Lithium-Lead Test Blanket Module
FT/P2-8 Liu, H.Thermal-hydraulic Safety Study of Chinese Helium Cooled Solid Breeder Test Blanket Module for ITER
FT/P2-9 Feng, KaimingOverview of Design and R&D of Solid Breeder TBM in China
FT/P2-10 Fischer, U.Neutronics R&D Efforts in Support of the European Breeder Blanket Development Programme
FT/P2-11 Koidan, V.S.Study of Radiation-Damaged Fusion Materials under High-Power Plasma Stream
FT/P2-12 Kawamura, Y.Studies and Developments of Tritium Recovery System for Blanket of Fusion Reactor in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
FT/P2-13 Jordanova, J.D.Assessment of Radiation Streaming Effect upon Radiation Loads to Inboard TF-coil of DEMO Utilizing HCLL Blanket
FT/P2-14 Kizane, G.Chemical Forms of Tritium in Be Pebbles after Different Treatments
FT/P2-15 Lyublinski, I.E.Main Results and Prospects of Lithium Capillary-Porous System Investigation as Tokamak Plasma Facing Material
FT/P2-16 Zalavutdinov, R.Kh.A-C:H Film Removal in H2 and H2/N2O Glow and Afterglow Discharge
FT/P2-17 Nozawa, T.Evaluation on Failure Resistance to Develop Design Basis for Quasi-Ductile Silicon Carbide Composites for Fusion Application
FT/P2-18 Houry, M.H.Development and Operation of an ITER relevant Inspection Robot
FT/P2-19 Ochiai, KentaroAdvancement of Nuclear Analysis Method for ITER
FT/P2-20 Luchetta, A.Technology Progress in Real-Time Control of MHD Modes at RFX-mod
FT/P2-21 Escourbiac, F.Definition of Workable Acceptance Criteria for the ITER Divertor Plasma Facing Components through Systematic Experimental Analysis
FT/P2-22 Ozeki, T.Development and Demonstration of Remote Experiment System with High Security in JT-60U
FT/P2-23 Callis, R.W.Alternate Concepts for Generating High Speed DT Pellets for Fueling ITER
FT/P2-24 Gantenbein, G.Experimental Results of Series Gyrotrons for the Stellarator W7-X
FT/P2-25 Imai, T.Development of 1 MW Gyrotron and Progress of ECH System for the GAMMA 10 Tandem Mirror in Tsukuba
FT/P2-26 Moriyama, S.M.Long Pulse/High Power ECRF System Development in JT-60U
FT/P2-27 Hanada, M.H.Development of Long Pulse Neutral Beam Injector on JT-60U for JT-60SA
FT/P2-28 Sasao, M.Development of an Energetic He0 Beam Injector for Fusion Application
FT/P2-29 Jones, T.T.C.The Physics of Design and Operation of High Power Neutral Beam Injection Ducts - Extrapolating JET Experience to ITER Situations
FT/P2-30 Ivanov, A.A.Focused Neutral Beams with Low Chaotic Divergence for Plasma Heating and Diagnostics in Magnetic Fusion Devices
FT/P2-31 Minea, T.M.Beam-plasma Interaction in the ITER NBI
SE/P2-1 Yamazaki, K.Burning Plasma Simulation and Environmental Assessment of Tokamak, Spherical Tokamak and Helical Reactors