Session EX/7 PD/1 - High-β Disruption, Post-deadline

EX/7-1Ra Chapman, B.E.High β Plasmas Exceeding Dual Stability Thresholds in the MST RFP
EX/7-1Rb Masamune, S.Effects of Lowering the Aspect Ratio on MHD Behaviour in a Reversed Field Pinch
EX/7-2Ra Arnoux, G.Heat Load on Plasma Facing Components during Disruptions on JET
EX/7-2Rb Riccardo, V.Progress in Understanding Halo Current at JET
EX/7-2Rc Okamoto, M.Study of Current Decay Time during Disruption in JT-60U Tokamak
EX/7-3Ra Esposito, B.Disruption Control on FTU and ASDEX Upgrade with ECRH
EX/7-3Rb Wesley, J.C.Fast Plasma Shutdowns Obtained With Massive Hydrogenic, Noble and Mixed-Gas Injection in DIII-D
EX/7-3Rc Savrukhin, P.V.Effect of the MHD Perturbations on Runaway Beam Formation during Disruptions in the T-10 Tokamak
PD/1-1 Ryter, F.H-Mode Threshold and Confinement in Helium, Deuterium and Hydrogen in ASDEX Upgrade
PD/1-2 Lin, Y.Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies Mode Conversion Flow Drive on Alcator C-Mod