Session P8 - Energetic Particles, Alfvén Eigen-modes, Theory-Confinement

EX/P8-1 Fujisawa, A.Oscillatory Zonal Flows Driven by Interaction between Energetic Ions and Fishbone-like Instability in CHS
EX/P8-2 Ichimura, M.Study of Ion Cyclotron Emissions due to DD Fusion Product Ions on JT-60U
EX/P8-3 Murakami, S.Radial Profile and Confinement of Energetic Particles during NBI and ICRF Heating in LHD
EX/P8-4 Toi, K.Alfvén Eigenmodes and Geodesic Acoustic Modes Driven by Energetic Ions in an LHD Plasma with Non-monotonic Rotational Transform Profile
EX/P8-5 Nishiura, M.Fast-ion Transport during Repetitive Burst Phenomena of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes in the Large Helical Device
EX/P8-6 Snipes, J.A.Characterization of Stable and Unstable Alfvén Eigenmodes in Alcator C-Mod
EX/P8-7 Pinches, S.D.Fast Particle Instabilities in MAST
EX/P8-8 Kiptily, V.Recent Progress in Fast-Ion Physics on JET
EX/P8-9 Sabot, R.Observation of Fast Particles Modes in Tore-Supra
EX/P8-10 Gao, Q.D.TF Ripple Induced Stochastic Diffusion of Energetic Particles in Advanced Tokamak Configurations on HL-2A
EX/P8-11 Chen, weiDestabilization of the Internal Kink Mode by Energetic Electrons on the HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P8-12 Cesario, R.Search for Fishbone-like Internal Kink Instabilities Driven by Supra-thermal Electrons in FTU
TH/P8-1 Xu, G.S.Cross-field Transport Driven by Turbulent Scattering of Particles in Tokamaks
TH/P8-2 Onjun, T.ITER Simulations with Internal and Edge Transport Barriers
TH/P8-3 Ludwig, G.O.Performance Analysis of Compact Tokamak Reactors
TH/P8-4 Gao, ZhePlasma Shaping Effects on Temperature Gradient-Driven Instabilities and Geodesic Acoustic Modes
TH/P8-5 Wang, AikeA Possible Model for Non-Local Electron Heat Transport
TH/P8-6 Heikkinen, J.A.Full-f Gyrokinetic Simulation of Tokamak Plasma Turbulence Using ELMFIRE
TH/P8-7 Bourdelle, C.Validity of Quasi-Linear Transport Model
TH/P8-8 Eriksson, L.G.Influence of RF Fields on Anomalous Impurity Transport in Tokamaks
TH/P8-9 Fuhr, G.Electromagnetic Self-Organization and Transport Barrier Relaxations in Fusion Plasmas
TH/P8-10 Beidler, C.D.Results From the International Collaboration on Neoclassical Transport in Stellarators (ICNTS)
TH/P8-11 Hallatschek, K.Diamagnetic GAM Drive Mechanism
TH/P8-12 Jenko, F.Multi-Scale, Multi-Mode Gyrokinetic Simulations and Implications for Transport Modelling of Tokamaks and Optimized Stellarators
TH/P8-13 Scott, B.D.Global Electromagnetic Gyrofluid/Gyrokinetic Computation of Turbulence and Self Consistent Rotation in Large Tokamaks
TH/P8-14 Singh, RaghvendraNonlinear Excitation of Zonal Flow and Geodesic Acoustic Modes in the Edge of Tokamak Plasma
TH/P8-15 Honda, M.Self-consistent Simulation of Torque Generation by Radial Current due to Fast Particles
TH/P8-16 Ishizawa, A.Transport due to Electromagnetic Turbulence in Externally Heated Plasma
TH/P8-17 Kishimoto, Y.Multi-scale Transport Dynamics Dominated by Multiple Dissipation Mechanisms near the Critical Gradient
TH/P8-18 Li, J.Q.New Characteristics of Zonal Flows in Multi-scale Plasma Turbulence
TH/P8-19 Tokunaga, S.Multi-scale Transport Simulation of Internal Transport Barrier Formation and Collapse
TH/P8-20 Watanabe, T.-H.Regulation of Turbulent Transport in Neoclassically Optimized Helical Configurations with Radial Electric Fields
TH/P8-21 Na, Y.SuTransport Simulations of KSTAR Advanced Tokamak Scenarios
TH/P8-22 Vlad, M.Nonlinear Dynamics of Impurities in Turbulent Tokamak Plasmas
TH/P8-23 Dnestrovskij, Yu.N.Canonical Profile Transport Model for H-mode Shots in Tokamaks
TH/P8-24 Dnestrovskij, Yu.N.Approach to canonical pressure profiles in stellarators
TH/P8-25 Leonov, V.M.Modelling of Tokamak Discharges with the Fast Central Response to the Boundary Plasma Perturbations
TH/P8-26 Pastukhov, V.P.Reduction of Cross-Field Plasma Transport in Tokamaks due to Power Input Redistribution and Sheared Flow Profile Modification
TH/P8-27 Fülöp, T.Quasilinear Transport Fluxes Driven by Microinstabilities in Tokamaks
TH/P8-28 Nordman, H.Transport in ITER-like Plasmas in Neoclassical, Fluid and Gyrokinetic Descriptions
TH/P8-29 Weiland, J.Symmetry breaking effects of toroidicity on toroidal momentum transport
TH/P8-30 Jolliet, S.Global Nonlinear Simulations of Ion and Electron Turbulence Using a Particle-In-Cell Approach
TH/P8-31 Suwanna, S.Pedestal Temperature Models with Self-Consistent Calculation of Safety Factor and Magnetic Shear
TH/P8-32 Anderson, J.Non-perturbative Models of Intermittency in ITG Drift Wave Turbulence with Zonal Flows
TH/P8-33 Peeters, A.G.Gyro-Kinetic Study of Toroidal Momentum Transport
TH/P8-34 Aydemir, A.Y.A Mechanism for Edge Flows and Intrinsic Toroidal Angular Momentum in Tokamaks
TH/P8-35 Bateman, G.Integrated Modelling Simulations of Toroidal Momentum Transport in Tokamaks
TH/P8-36 Callen, J.D.Toroidal Rotation in Tokamak Plasmas
TH/P8-37 Catto, P.J.Limitations, Insights and Improvements to Gyrokinetics
TH/P8-38 Del-Castillo-Negrete, D.Non-local Models of Perturbative Transport: Numerical Results and Application to JET Experiments
TH/P8-39 Ernst, D.R.Role of Zonal Flows in TEM Turbulence through Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Particle and Continuum Simulation
TH/P8-40 Ku, S.Core and Edge Full-f ITG Turbulence with Self-consistent Neoclassical and Mean Flow Dynamics Using a Real Geometry Particle Code XGC1
TH/P8-41 Lin, Z.Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulation of Physics Basis for Transport Modelling
TH/P8-42 Staebler, G.M.Testing the Trappes Gyro-Landau Fluid Transport Model With Data From Tokamaks and Spherical Tori
TH/P8-43 Terry, P.W.Role of Impurity Cyclotron Damping in Ion Heating and RFP Turbulence
TH/P8-44 Wang, W.X.Interaction between Turbulence and Neoclassical Dynamics and Its Effect on Tokamak Transport: Gyrokinetic Simulations and Theory
TH/P8-45 Picha, R.Study of ITER Perfomance Based on Different Plasma Geometry
TH/P8-46 Sarazin, Y.Global Gyrokinetic Simulations of ρ* and ν* Scalings of Turbulent Transport