(TH/P8-6) Full-f Gyrokinetic Simulation of Tokamak Plasma Turbulence Using ELMFIRE

J.A. Heikkinen1), S. Janhunen2), T.P. Kiviniemi2), S. Leerink2), M. Nora2), F. Ogando3), M. Aspnäs4), T. Korpilo2), A. Signell4), J. Westerholm4), V.V. Bulanin5), E.Z. Gusakov6)
1) VTT, Espoo, Finland, 2) TKK, Espoo, Finland, 3) UNED, Madrid, Spain, 4) ÅA, Turku, Finland, 5) SPSPU, St-Petersburg, Russia, 6) Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St-Petersburg, Russia

Abstract.  A global gyrokinetic full-f particle-in-cell code ELMFIRE exploiting advanced and efficient data storage means has been designed for first principles transport simulation in tokamaks including both neoclassical and turbulent physics. It is based on an implicit gyrokinetic model where the coefficient matrix in the field equations is constructed and updated at each time step from particle data. Both linear and nonlinear benchmark tests are discussed. Experimental benchmarking is performed with the Doppler reflectometric measurements at FT-2 tokamak for plasma rotation and correlations and spectra in fluctuations. First results of edge plasma simulation in conditions of L-H transition with ASDEX Upgrade like parameters are presented.

Full paper available (PDF)