Session EX/9 TH/7 - Plasma Wall Interaction

EX/9-1 Tsitrone, E.Deuterium Inventory in Tore Supra : Reconciling Particle Balance and Post Mortem Analysis
EX/9-2 Kallenbach, A.Non-Boronized Operation of ASDEX Upgrade with Full-Tungsten Plasma Facing Components
EX/9-3 Rudakov, D.L.Dust Studies in DIII-D and TEXTOR
TH/7-1 Ito, A.Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Chemical Sputtering of Hydrogen Atom on Layer Structured Graphite
EX/9-4 Kobayashi, MasahiroStudy on impurity screening in stochastic magnetic boundary of the Large Helical Device