Session P9, PD - High-Beta, Stability, Post-Deadline, Theory-Stability

PD/P1-1 Gohil, P.The H-mode Power Threshold, Pedestal Width and Plasma Transport in Hydrogen Plasmas in DIII-D
PD/P1-2 Kim, W.C.Key Features in Start-up of KSTAR Tokamak
PD/P1-3 Stutman, D.Correlation between Electron Transport and GAE Activity in NSTX
PD/P1-4 Nanobashvili, I.Plasma Polarization - Effective Tool for External Control of Turbulence and Improvement of Confinement in Tokamaks
PD/P1-5 Canik, J.M.Magnetic ELM Pace-making with 3D Applied Fields in NSTX
PD/P1-6 Kojima, A.Fast Dynamics of Type I and Grassy ELMs in JT-60U
PD/P1-7 Laqua, H.P.Fully Electron Bernstein Wave Sustained Overdense Plasma Operation with 28 Ghz ECRH at the WEGA Stellarator
PD/P1-8 Lisitsa, V.Effects of Turbulence on Radiative Properties of Tokamak Edge Plasmas
PD/P1-9 Kingsep, S.Pulsed Power Experiments at the Kurchatov Institute Aimed at IFE
EX/P9-1 Pautasso, G.Disruptions Mitigation in ASDEX Upgrade with the In-vessel Fast Valve.
EX/P9-2 Liu, yiStudy on Stabilization of Tearing Mode with ECRH and its Resultant Transport Properties on HL-2A Tokamak
EX/P9-3 Xiao, C.Investigations of Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Instabilities in the STOR-M Tokamak
EX/P9-4 Ono, Y.Ion and Electron Heating Characteristics of Magnetic Reconnection in TS-3 and UTST Merging Startup Experiments
EX/P9-5 Okabayashi, M.Comprehensive Control of Resistive Wall Modes in DIII-D Advanced Tokamak Plasmas
EX/P9-6 Maurer, D.A.Control of External Kink Modes Near the Ideal Wall Limit Using Kalman Filtering and Optimal Control Techniques
EX/P9-7 Drake, J.R.Reversed-field Pinch Contributions to Resistive Wall Mode Physics and Control
EX/P9-8 Marrelli, L.Active Control of Resonant MHD Modes in RFX-mod
EX/P9-9 Maget, P.MHD Modes Associated to Hollow Current Density Profile Configuration: Experiment and Modelling
EX/P9-10 Igochine, V.The Role of Stochastization in Fast MHD Phenomena on ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P9-11 Blackwell, B.D.Configurational Effects on Stability and Confinement in the H-1NF Heliac
EX/P9-12 de Baar, M.R.Overview of Tearing Mode Physics and Control Program at TEXTOR
TH/P9-1 Katsuro-Hopkins, O.Global MHD Stability Study of KSTAR high β Plasma Equilibria Under Passive and Active Mode Control
TH/P9-2 Mikhailov, M.I.Exploration of Configurational Space for Quasi-isodynamic Stellarators with Poloidally Closed Contours of the Magnetic Field Strength
TH/P9-3 Reiman, A.H.Passive Stabilization of the Vertical Mode in Tokamaks by Localized Nonaxisymmetric Fields
TH/P9-4 Hole, M.J.Relaxed MHD states of a multiple region plasma
TH/P9-5 Dong, JiaqiFast Growth and Sheared Flow Generation in Nonlinear Development of Double Tearing Modes
TH/P9-6 Zhang, ChengAnalysis of the Relaxed States for the Rotating Plasmas with no Momentum Input
TH/P9-7 Cahyna, P.Optimization of Magnetic Perturbation Spectra for the COMPASS Tokamak
TH/P9-8 Benkadda, S.Nonlinear Dynamics of Magnetic Islands Imbedded in Small Scale Turbulence of Edge Tokamak Plasmas
TH/P9-9 Drevlak, M.A.Computational Study of Magnetic Islands in the W7-X and NCSX Stellarators
TH/P9-10 Günter, S.Three-dimensional Effects in Tokamaks - How Tokamaks Can Benefit from Stellarator Research
TH/P9-11 Botrugno, A.Temperature-Gradient-Driven Tearing Modes
TH/P9-12 Aiba, N.Effects of a Toroidal Rotation on the Stability Boundary of the MHD modes in the Tokamak Edge Pedestal
TH/P9-13 Furukawa, M.Suppression of Error-Field-Induced Magnetic Islands by Alfvén Resonance Effect in Rotating Plasmas
TH/P9-14 Hayashi, N.Integrated simulation of ELM Energy Loss and Cycle in Improved H-mode Plasmas
TH/P9-15 Ishii, Y.Plasma Rotation Effects on the Trigger of Reversed Shear Plasma Disruptions
TH/P9-16 Miura, H.MHD Simulation of High Wavenumber Ballooning-like Modes in LHD
TH/P9-17 Mizuguchi, N.Nonlinear Dynamics of Collapse Phenomena in Heliotron Plasma with Large Pressure Gradient
TH/P9-18 Sato, M.Study of MHD Stability β Limit in LHD by Hierarchy Integrated Simulation Code
TH/P9-19 Suzuki, Y.Theoretical Studies of Equilibrium β Limit in Heliotron Plasmas
TH/P9-20 Tokuda, S.A New Matching Scheme for Resistive Wall Mode Analysis
TH/P9-21 Yagi, M.Multi-scale Interaction Among Neoclassical Tearing Mode and Drift Wave Turbulence
TH/P9-22 Park, Y.S.Stability Analysis of Neoclassical Tearing Modes in KSTAR
TH/P9-23 Herrera-Velázquez, J.J.E.Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibrium with Flow in Toroidal Plasmas and its Relevance to Internal Transport Barriers
TH/P9-24 Ilgisonis, V.I.Negative Energy Waves and Stability of Rotating Plasmas
TH/P9-25 Pustovitov, V.D.Rotating Wall, the Error-field-induced Torque and the Problem of the Error Field Shielding in Tokamaks
TH/P9-26 Liu, Y.Q.Modelling Resistive Wall Modes with Self-consistent Inclusion of Drift Kinetic Resonances
TH/P9-27 Wilson, H.R.The Interaction between Transport and Reconnection Processes
TH/P9-28 Gourdain, P.-A.Hollow Current Profile Scenarios for Advanced ITER Operations
TH/P9-29 Jardin, S.C.Two-Fluid and Resistive Nonlinear Simulations of Tokamak Equilibrium, Stability, and Reconnection
TH/P9-30 Shaing, K.C.Critical Toroidal Rotation Profile for Resistive Wall Modes and Control of Magnetic Islands in Tokamaks
TH/P9-31 Militello, F.Interaction of Turbulence and Magnetic Islands
TH/P9-32 Zheng, L.J.Gyrokinetic Theory for Kinetic Analysis of Resistive Wall Modes in ITER