Session EX/10 TH/8 - Turbulence

EX/10-1 McKee, G.R.Dependence of the L- to H-mode Power Threshold on Toroidal Rotation and the Link to Edge Turbulence Dynamics
EX/10-2Ra Mazzucato, E.Turbulent Fluctuations with the Electro Gyro-scale in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
EX/10-2Rb Gusakov, E.Z.Evolution of ETG-mode Scale Turbulence Spectra and Anomalous Electron Transport in Dynamic Experiments at FT-2 Tokamak
TH/8-1 Holland, C.G.Validation of Gyrokinetic Transport Simulations Using DIII-D Core Turbulence Measurements
TH/8-2 Idomura, Y.Conservative Global Gyrokinetic Toroidal Full-f 5D Vlasov Simulation
TH/8-3 Angioni, C.Gyrokinetic Simulations of Impurity, He Ash and α Particle Transport and Consequences on ITER Transport Modelling