Sessions FPM, E and S

For the following sessions the slides of the presentations are provided. Papers are not part of the proceedings.

Fusion pioneer memorial session

FPM-1 Jacquinot, J.The 50 year History of Fusion Energy Research
FPM-2 Ikeda, K.The Future of Fusion Energy Research

Evening session

E/1-1 Smirnov, V.Tokamak Foundation in Russia
E/1-2 Meade, D.Highlights of 50 Years of Fusion Research
E/1-3 Li, JiangangMagnetic Fusion Power Development for Global Warming Suppression
E/1-4 Mima, K.Inertial Fusion Power Development Path for Global Warming Suppression

Summary session

S/1-1 Taylor, T.Summary EX-C, IC
S/1-2 Motojima, O.Summary EX-S, EX-W, EX-D
S/1-3 Dnestrovski, Yu.Summary TH
S/1-4 Stork, D.Summary IT, FT, SE
S/1-5 Tanaka, K.A.Summary IF