Session P3 - Transport Barriers, Theory-Wall, Fusion Technology

EX/P3-3 Kamada, Y.Correlation Between the Edge and The Internal Transport Barriers in JT-60U
EX/P3-4 Beurskens, M.N.A.Pedestal Dynamics in ELMy H-mode Plasmas in JET
EX/P3-5 Groebner, R.J.Progress Towards a Predictive Model for Pedestal Height in DIII-D
EX/P3-6 Turri, G.Global Plasma Oscillations in Electron Internal Transport Barriers in TCV
EX/P3-7 Wolfrum, E.Pedestal Studies at ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P3-8 Dong, Y.B.Link of Internal Transport Barriers and the Low Rational q Surface on HL-2A
EX/P3-9 Carraro, L.Improved Confinement with Internal Electron Temperature Barriers in RFX-mod
EX/P3-10 Lebedev, S.V.Counter-NBI Assisted LH Transition in Low Density Plasmas in the TUMAN-3M
EX/P3-11 Minami, T.M.Simultaneous Realization of High Density Edge Transport Barrier and Improved L-mode on CHS
FT/P3-1 Kim, Y.S.Commissioning Results of the KSTAR Cryogenic System
FT/P3-2 Oh, Y.K.Commissioning Results of the KSTAR Superconducting Magnet System for the First Plasma Operation
FT/P3-3 Park, M.K.Operation Results of KSTAR Integrated Control System for First Plasma
FT/P3-4 Yang, H.Y.KSTAR Assembly and Vacuum Commissioning for the 1st Plasma
FT/P3-5 Cucchiaro, A.Load Assembly Design of the FAST Machine
FT/P3-6 Panek, R.Status of the COMPASS Tokamak Re-installation in IPP ASCR
FT/P3-7 Tazhibayeva, IrinaKTM Tokamak Project. Present and Future Activity
FT/P3-8 Heitzenroeder, P.J.Design and Construction Solutions in the Accurate Realization of NCSX Magnetic Fields
FT/P3-9 Tobita, K.Design Issues on Compact Low Aspect Ratio DEMO Reactor, SlimCS
FT/P3-10 Kawashima, hDivertor Design Study on Compact DEMO Reactor for Handling of Huge Exhaust Power
FT/P3-11 Calabro, G.FAST Plasma Scenarios and Equilibrium Configurations
FT/P3-12 Goldston, R.J.An Experiment to Tame the Plasma Material Interface
FT/P3-13 Najmabadi, F.Compact Stellarator Power Plants - Prospects, Technical Issue, and R&D Directions
FT/P3-14 Peng, Y.K.M.Extensive remote handling and conservative plasma conditions to enable fusion nuclear science R&D using a component testing facility
FT/P3-15 Garcia, J.Integrated Modelling of DEMO Advanced Scenarios with the CRONOS Suite of Codes
FT/P3-16 Norajitra, P.Status of Development of the EU He-cooled Divertor for DEMO
FT/P3-17 Imagawa, S.Concept of Magnet Systems for LHD-type Reactor.
FT/P3-18 Kozaki, Y.Design Windows and Cost Analysis on Helical Reactor
FT/P3-19 Mitarai, O.M.The Low Temperature and High Density Ignition in the Helical Reactor FFHR2m Based on LHD Experiments
FT/P3-20 Galvao, R.M.O.Multi-functional Compact Tokamak Reactor Concept
FT/P3-21 Wu, YicanThe Fusion-fission Hybrid Reactor for Energy Production - A Practical Path to Fusion Application
FT/P3-22 Kuteev, B.V.Conceptual Analysis of a Tokamak-Reactor with Lithium Dust Jet
FT/P3-23 Coppi, B.Relevant Developments for the Ignitor Program and Burning Plasma Regimes of Special Interest
FT/P3-24 Wan, YuanxiRisk Analysis and Optimization of Safe Operation for Advanced Superconducting Tokamak
FT/P3-25 Hanada, K.Physical Design of MW-class Steady-state Spherical Tokamak, QUEST
FT/P3-26 Khripunov, V.I.3-D Study of PFC and Dust Activation in ITER
TH/P3-1 Murakami, M.Off-Axis Neutral Beam Current Drive for Advanced Scenario Development in DIII-D
TH/P3-2 Yavorskij, V.Fokker-Planck Modelling of NBI Deuterons in ITER
TH/P3-3 Salewski, M.Impact of ICRH on the Measurement of Fast Ions by Collective Thomson Scattering in ITER
TH/P3-4 Pokol, G.Criteria for Runaway Electron Generation in Tokamak Disruptions
TH/P3-5 Biancalani, A.Shear Alfvén Wave Continuous Spectrum in the Presence of a Magnetic Island
TH/P3-6 Cardinali, A.Minority Ions Acceleration by ICRH: A Tool for Investigating Burning Plasma Physics
TH/P3-7 Zonca, F.Kinetic Theory of Geodesic Acoustic Modes: Radial Structures and Nonlinear Excitations
TH/P3-8 Fukuyama, A.Advanced Modelling of Cyclotron Wave Heating and Current Drive in Toroidal Plasmas Based on Integro-Differential Full Wave Analysis
TH/P3-9 Todo, Y.Simulation Study of Interaction between Energetic Ions and Alfvén Eigenmodes in LHD
TH/P3-10 Kukushkin, A.B.Electron Cyclotron Power Losses in Fusion Reactor-Grade Tokamaks: Scaling Laws for Spatial Profile and Total Power Loss
TH/P3-11 Kolesnichenko, Ya.I.Sub-GAM Modes in Stellarators and Tokamaks
TH/P3-12 Yakovenko, Yu.V.Effect of the Toroidal Asymmetry on the Structure of TAE Modes in Stellarators
TH/P3-13 Yatsenko, N.M.Influence of Anisotropy on Radiation of Any Linear Antenna System in Magnetoplasma
TH/P3-14 Chen, L.Gyrokinetic Simulation of Energetic Particle Turbulence and Transport
TH/P3-15 Fu, G.Y.Energetic Particle-induced Geodesic Acoustic Mode
TH/P3-16 Ram, A.K.Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in Spherical Tokamaks with Application to ITER
TH/P3-17 Wright, J.C.ITER Relevant Simulations of Lower Hybrid and Ion Cyclotron Waves with Self-Consistent Non-Maxwellian Species
TH/P3-18 Bustos Molina, A.Kinetic Simulation of Heating and Collisional Transport in a 3D Tokamak