IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


(FTP/P1-19) Engineering Design and Construction of IFMIF/EVEDA Lithium Test Loop

H. Kondo1), T. Furukawa1), Y. Hirakawa1), H. Nakamura1), M. Ida1), K. Watanabe1), M. Miyashita1), H. Horiike2), N. Yamaoka2), T. Kanemura2), H. Sugiura2), T. Terai3), A. Suzuki3), J. Yagi3), S. Fukada4), Y. Edao5), I. Matsushita6), F. Groeschel6), K. Fujishiro6), P. Garin6), H. Kimura1)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Ibaraki, Japan
2) Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
3) The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan,
4) Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
5) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatoronics Systems, LTD., Kobe, Japan
6) IFMIF/EVEDA Project Team, Rokkasho, Japan

Abstract.  The Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activity (EVEDA) for the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF) is proceeded as one of the ITER Broader Approach (BA) activities. In the concept of the IFMIF, two 40 MeV deuteron beams are injected into a liquid Li stream flowing at 15 m/s speed. The Li stream (Li target) is a free-surface flow produced by a double contraction nozzle and flows over a concave flow channel in a vacuum of 10-3 Pa. The EVEDA Li test loop (ELTL) is aimed at validating stability of the Li target and feasibility of a Li purification system as the key issues. In this paper, the design of the ELTL especially of a target assembly in which the Li target is produced by the contraction nozzle is presented. There are two concepts regarding to the target assembly: the integrated target assembly and the bayonet target assembly. The both target assembly is outlined in this paper, then the newly proposed design and fabrication of the integrated target assembly for the ELTL are given.

Full paper available (PDF)