IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P2 - Scenarios, MHD, Disruption control

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
EXC/P2-01 Ding, S.Performance Predictions of RF Heated Plasma in EAST
EXC/P2-02 Wilson, J.R.Experiments and Simulations of ITER-like Plasmas in Alcator C-Mod
EXC/P2-03 Leuer, J.A.Solenoid-Free Startup Experiments in DIII-D
EXC/P2-04 Nagata, M.Demonstration of Multipulsed Current Drive Scenario using Coaxial Helicity Injection in the HIST Spherical Torus Plasmas
EXC/P2-05 Park, J.M.Experiment and Modeling of ITER Demonstration Discharges in the DIII-D Tokamak
EXC/P2-06 Politzer, P.A.Understanding Confinement in Advanced Inductive Scenario Plasmas - Dependence on Gyroradius and Rotation
EXC/P2-07 Schweinzer, J.Confinement of ``Improved H-Modes'' in the All-Tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
EXC/P2-08 Sips, A.C.C.ITER Ramp-up and Ramp-down Scenarios Studies in Helium and Deuterium Plasmas in JET
EXC/P2-09 Yuan, Q.P.Plasma Shape Feedback Control on EAST
EXS/P2-01 Bogatu, I.N.Disruption Mitigation with Plasma Jets for ITER
EXS/P2-02 Commaux, N.Novel Rapid Shutdown Strategies for Runaway Electron Suppression in DIII-D
EXS/P2-03 De Angelis, R.Determination of q Profiles in Jet by Consistency of Motional Stark Effect and MHD Mode Localization
EXS/P2-04 de Vries, P.C.Survey into the Occurence of Disruptions and their Root Causes at JET
EXS/P2-05 Eidietis, N.W.A Diffusive Model for Halo Width Growth During VDEs
EXS/P2-06 Ferron, J.R.Optimization of the Safety Factor Profile for High Non-inductive Current Fraction Discharges in DIII-D
EXS/P2-07 Fonck, R.J.Nonsolenoidal Startup and Plasma Stability at Near-Unity Aspect Ratio in the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment
EXS/P2-08 Gerhardt, S.P.Performance of Discharges with High Elongation and Beta in NSTX and Near-Term Paths toward Steady State
EXS/P2-09 Hahn, S.H.Approaches on Vertical Stability and Shape Control of KSTAR Plasmas in the Presence of Intrinsic Ferromagnetic Material
EXS/P2-10 Imbeaux, F.Real-Time Control of MHD Activity and Steady-State Current Profile by Non-Inductive Current Drive in Tore Supra
EXS/P2-11 Jackson, G.L.DIII-D Experimental Simulation of ITER Scenario Access and Termination
EXS/P2-12 Kim, J.Stable Plasma Start-up in the KSTAR under Various Discharge Conditions
EXS/P2-13 Lehnen, M.Disruption Mitigation by Massive Gas Injection in JET
EXS/P2-14 Lin, S.Y.Suppression of Runaway Electrons during Disruption in HT-7
EXS/P2-15 Pautasso, G.Contribution of ASDEX Upgrade to Disruption Studies for ITER
EXS/P2-16 Saint-Laurent, F.Disruption and Runaways Electron Mitigation Studies on Tore Supra
EXS/P2-17 Sauter, O.Effects of ECH/ECCD on Tearing Modes in TCV and Link to Rotation Profile
EXS/P2-18 Xiao, B.J.Optimization of EAST Plasma Start-up for Simulations of ITER with Low Loop Voltage
EXS/P2-19 Yamada, T.Double Null Merging Start-up Experiments in the University of Tokyo Spherical Tokamak
EXS/P2-20 Yang, Q.W.First Observation of Persistent Small Magnetic Islands on HL-2A
EXS/P2-21 Zhang, W.Y.Experimental Study of Electron Scale Density Fluctuation in LHCD Plasma on HT-7 Tokamak
EXS/P2-22 Zushi, H.Study of Edge Turbulence from the Open to Closed Magnetic Field Configuration during the Current Ramp-up Phase in QUEST
EXW/P2-01 de Baar, M.Control of MHD Modes with a Line-of-Sight ECE Diagnostic
EXW/P2-02 Ejiri, A.Non-inductive Plasma Current Start-up Experiments in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
EXW/P2-03 Granucci, G.Plasma Start-up Results with EC Assisted Breakdown on FTU
EXW/P2-04 Gao, G.Power Supply of Vertical Stability Coil in EAST
EXW/P2-05 Joung, M.ECH-assisted Startup using Pre-ionization by the Second Harmonic 84 GHz and 110 GHz EC Waves in KSTAR
EXW/P2-06 McCollam, K.J.Confinement Measurements and MHD Simulations of Oscillating-Field Current Drive in a Reversed-Field Pinch
EXW/P2-07 Moreau, D.Plasma Models for Real-Time Control of Advanced Tokamak Scenarios
EXW/P2-08 Nelson, B.A.Demonstration of 200 kA CHI Startup Current Coupling to Transformer Drive on NSTX
EXW/P2-09 Ryu, C.M.Observation and Analysis of a High Frequency MHD Activity during Sawteeth in KSTAR Tokamak
EXW/P2-10 Tan, Y.Transient Process of A Spherical Tokamak Plasma Startup by Electron Cyclotron Waves
EXW/P2-11 Moiseenko, V.E.RF Plasma Production and Heating Below Ion-Cyclotron Frequencies in Uragan Torsatrons
EXW/P2-12 Uchida, M.Generation of Initial Closed Flux Surface by ECH at Conventional Aspect Ratio of R/a∼3; Experiments on the LATE device and JT-60U Tokamak
THC/P2-01 Garcia, J.A New Steady-State Scenario for ITER based on Cyclic Operation
THC/P2-02 Geiger, J.Physics Modeling for Steady-State Experiments at Wendelstein 7-X
THC/P2-03 Guo, Y.TSC Simulation and Prediction of Ohmic Discharge in EAST
THC/P2-04 Kritz, A.H.Integrated Modeling for Prediction of Optimized ITER Performance
THC/P2-05 Calabrò, G.Physics Based Modelling of H-mode and Advanced Tokamak Scenarios for FAST: Analysis of the Role of Rotation in Predicting Core Transport in Future Machines
THD/P2-01 Lukash, V.E.Modeling of Major Disruption Mitigation by Fast Injection of Massive Li Pellets in ITER-like Tokamak Reactor
THS/P2-02 Ahmad, Z.Parametric Study of Equilibrium and Stability Analysis of HT-6M Tokamak in the Presence of Flow
THS/P2-03 Breslau, J.Onset and Saturation of a Non-Resonant Internal Mode in NSTX and Implications for AT Modes in ITER
THS/P2-04 Na, Y.S.Real-Time Control of Neoclassical Tearing Mode in Time-Dependent Simulations on KSTAR
THS/P2-05 Park, Y.S.KSTAR Equilibrium Operating Space and Projected Stabilization at High Normalized Beta
THS/P2-06 Strauss, H.R.Wall Forces Produced during ITER Disruptions
THW/P2-01 Fukuyama, A.Kinetic Integrated Modeling of Heating and Current Drive in Tokamak Plasmas
THW/P2-02 Kim, S.H.Full Tokamak Discharge Simulation for ITER
THW/P2-03 Lerche, E.Potential of the ICRF Heating Schemes foreseen for ITER's Half-Field Hydrogen Phase
THW/P2-04 Seol, J.C.Modeling of Nonlinear Electron Cyclotron Heating during ECH-assisted Plasma Startup in a Tokamak