IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session ITR/1 - ITER

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
ITR/1-1 Bak, J.S.Preparations of the ITER Vacuum Vessel Construction
ITR/1-2 Wagner, F.Optimizing the ITER Heating and Current Drive Mix
ITR/1-3 Schaffer, M.J.ITER Test Blanket Module Error Field Simulation Experiments at DIII-D
ITR/1-4 Loarte, A.ITER ELM Control Requirements, ELM Control Schemes and Required R&D
ITR/1-5 Luce, T.C.Development of Advanced Inductive Scenarios for ITER
ITR/1-6 Putvinski, S.Disruption Mitigation in ITER