IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P3 - ELMs & Pedestal, Plasma-Wall Interactions

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
EXC/P3-01 Estrada, T.L-H Transition Experiments in the TJ-II Stellarator
EXC/P3-02 Giroud, C.Integration of a Radiative Divertor for Heat Load Control into JET Operational Scenarios
EXC/P3-03 Kurzan, B.Transport in-between Edge Localized Modes in the Pedestal of ASDEX Upgrade
EXC/P3-04 Pedrosa, M.A.Edge Sheared Flows as a Source of Propagating Plasma Potential Events
EXC/P3-05 Yan, Z.Pedestal Turbulence Dynamics in ELMing and ELM-Free H-Mode Plasmas
EXC/P3-06 Hughes, J.W.Power Requirements for Superior H-Mode Confinement on Alcator C-Mod: Experiments in Support of ITER
EXD/P3-01 Ahn, J.W.Effect of non-axisymmetric magnetic Perturbations on Divertor Heat and Particle Flux Profiles
EXD/P3-02 Asakura, N.Experimental and Simulation Studies of Dust Transport in JT-60U Tokamak
EXD/P3-03 Balden, M.Morphology Classification and Video Tracking of Dust Particles in ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-04 Brezinsek, S.Fuel Retention in Discharges with Impurity Seeding after Strong Be Evaporation in JET
EXD/P3-05 Cheng, J.Spatial Structures of Plasma Filaments in the Scrape-off Layer in HL-2A
EXD/P3-06 Dal Bello, S.Lithisation Effects on Density Control and Plasma Performance in RFX-Mod Experiment
EXD/P3-07 De Temmerman, G.ELM Simulation Experiments on Pilot-PSI using Simultaneous High Flux Plasma and Transient Heat/Particle Source
EXD/P3-08 Doerner, R.P.Multi-Component Plasma Interactions with Elemental and Mixed-Material Surfaces
EXD/P3-09 Drapiko, E.A.Effect of Magnetic Island on Three-Dimensional Structure of Edge Radiation and its Consequences for Detachment in LHD
EXD/P3-10 Fukumoto, M.Deuterium Retention Mechanism in Tungsten-Coatings exposed to JT-60U Divertor Plasmas
EXD/P3-11 Fundamenski, W.Effect of Ion Mass and Charge on Divertor Heat Load Profiles on JET
EXD/P3-12 Gong, X.A New Explore: High Frequency Glow Discharge Cleaning in the Presence of Toroidal Field on EAST
EXD/P3-13 Gray, T.K.Dependences of the Divertor and Midplane Heat Flux Widths in NSTX
EXD/P3-14 Guo, H.Y.Recent Advances in Long Pulse Divertor Operations on EAST
EXD/P3-15 Hino, T.Investigation of the Toroidal and Poloidal Dependences of First Wall Conditions in the Large Helical Device
EXD/P3-16 Ivanova, D.Dust Particles in Controlled Fusion Devices: Generation Mechanism and Analysis
EXD/P3-17 Kim, W.C.Initial Phase Wall Conditioning in KSTAR
EXD/P3-18 Kolemen, E.Overview of KSTAR Initial Experiments
EXD/P3-19 Krieger, K.Be Migration Studies at JET and their Interpretation by an Integrated Model for Plasma Impurity Transport and Wall Composition Dynamics
EXD/P3-20 Lasnier, C.J.Scaling of Divertor Heat Flux Profile Widths in DIII-D
EXD/P3-21 Linke, J.Performance of Different Tungsten Grades under Transient Thermal Loads
EXD/P3-22 Mirnov, S.V.Li Experiments on T-11M and T-10 in Support of Steady State Tokamak Concept with Li Closed Loop Circulation
EXD/P3-23 Müller, H.W.Fluctuations, ELM Filaments and Turbulent Transport in the SOL at the Outer Midplane of ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-24 Neu, R.L.Power and Particle Exhaust Control in All W ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-25 Oya, Y.Impurity Effects on Hydrogen Isotope Retention in Boronized Wall of LHD
EXD/P3-26 Petersson, P.Mapping of Fuel Retention in Carbon Fibre Composites from Tokamaks
EXD/P3-27 Petrie, T.W.Results from Radiating Divertor Experiments with RMP ELM Suppression
EXD/P3-28 Rohde, V.Dynamic Wall Loads Measured by Gas Balance Technique in all Tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
EXD/P3-29 Scarin, P.Magnetic Structures and Pressure Profiles in the Plasma Boundary of RFX-mod: High Current and Density Limit in Helical Regimes
EXD/P3-30 Schmitz, O.Key Results from Physics Studies at DIII-D and TEXTOR in Support of RMP ELM Control at ITER
EXD/P3-31 Sontag, A.C.Pedestal Characterization and Stability of Small-ELM Regimes in NSTX
EXD/P3-32 Soukhanovskii, V.A.Synergy between Lithium Plasma-Facing Component Coatings and the ``Snowflake'' Divertor Configuration in NSTX
ICC/P3-01 Majeski, R.First Results from the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment
EXD/P3-33 Tabarés, F.L.Towards an Integrated Scenario for Tritium Inventory Control during ITER Operation under Carbon PFCs by Nitrogen-Based Chemistry
EXD/P3-34 Tamain, P.Towards a Comprehensive Approach of Edge and SOL Transport Issues: from Experimental Results to Global Simulations
EXD/P3-35 Van Rooij, G.J.Gross and Net Chemical Erosion of Carbon at High Fluxes of Low Temperature Hydrogen Plasma
EXD/P3-36 Watkins, J.G.Main Chamber Plasma-Wall Interaction Studies in DIII-D in Support of ITER
EXD/P3-37 Wukitch, S.J.ICRF Impurity Behavior with Boron Coated Molybdenum Tiles in Alcator C-Mod
EXS/P3-01 Frassinetti, L.Controlled Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Physics Studies on EXTRAP T2R
EXS/P3-02 Huang, Y.Study of Edge Localized Mode in HL-2A Tokamak Experiments
EXS/P3-03 Lang, P.T.ELM Pacing Investigations at JET with the New Pellet Launcher
EXS/P3-04 Liang, Y.Observations of Multi-Resonance Effect in ELM Control with Magnetic Perturbation Fields on the JET Tokamak
EXS/P3-05 Solano, E.R.Observation of Confined Current Structures in JET High Temperature Pedestals and Transient ELM Suppression
EXS/P3-06 Sun, Y.Non-resonant Magnetic Braking on JET and TEXTOR
THC/P3-01 Aydemir, A.Y.Role of Magnetic Geometry, Edge Flows and Electric Fields in Determining the L-H Transition Power Threshold
THC/P3-02 Cary, J.H.Coupled Core-Edge Simulations of Pedestal Formation using the FACETS Framework
THC/P3-03 Kim, K.M.Effects of Pellet ELM Pacing on Mitigation of Type-I ELM Energy Loss in KSTAR and ITER
THC/P3-04 Lee, K.C.H-mode transition and Er formation analysis of NSTX based on the gyrocenter shift
THC/P3-05 Pankin, A.Y.Role of Transport and MHD Stability in Simulations of H-mode Pedestal Development in ELMy Plasmas
THC/P3-06 Rozhansky, V.Modeling of the Edge Plasma of MAST in the Presence of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
THD/P3-01 Joseph, I.Driving Toroidally Asymmetric Current Through the Tokamak Scrape-off Layer to Control Edge-Localized Instabilities and Equilibrium Profiles
THD/P3-02 Marandet, Y.Transport of Neutrals in Turbulent Scrape-Off Layer Plasmas
THD/P3-03 Naulin, V.Progress in Turbulence Modeling JET SOL and Edge Phenomena
THD/P3-04 Ohya, K.Molecular Dynamics Study of Plasma Surface Interaction of Codeposited Materials
THD/P3-05 Rognlien, T.D.Advances in Understanding Tokamaks Edge/Scrape-off Layer Transport
THD/P3-07 Sugita, S.Study of Radial Particle Transport Accompanied with Plasma Blob and Self-Organized Meso-Scale Structure in Tokamak Scrape-off Layer
THD/P3-08 Umansky, M.V.Validation of turbulent plasma transport simulations for collisional linear plasma
THS/P3-01 Aiba, N.Mechanisms of the Plasma Rotation Effect on the Type-I ELM in Tokamaks
THS/P3-02 Hayashi, N.Integrated Simulation of ELM Triggered by Pellet through Energy Absorption and Transport Enhancement
THS/P3-04 Sugiyama, L.E.Magnetic X-Points, Edge Instabilities, and the H-Mode Edge
THS/P3-05 Xu, X.Q.Nonlinear ELM Simulations based on Peeling-Ballooning Modes using the BOUT/ BOUT++ Code
THS/P3-06 Yu, Q.Plasma Response to Externally Applied Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
THW/P3-01 Kurki-Suonio, T.Fast Ion Power Loads on ITER First Wall Structures in the Presence of NTMs and Microturbulence